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[Police State NEWS] City Council bill to make chokehold illegal | New York Amsterdam News: The new Black view

Eric Garner Choke Hold Photos, A Slide Show ...

STATEN ISLAND, New York – I’ve been meaning to say something about this news story from New York’s Amsterdam News Service for the last several days but once again life happened and so it delayed me in brief.

I will get right to it. …


By now we all know the story of Mr. Eric Garner the Staten Island, NY., native who succumbed to an illegal choke hold maneuver placed on him by an NYPD undercover narcotics officer earlier this year. His violent and untimely death sparked outrage and sympathy for his family the free world over. Shortly there after the nation learned once again of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson Township, MO. (an unarmed African-American teenager, 18, walking to see his grandmother in early August of this year…) and then after that the deaths of Renesha McBride, Detroit, Mich., Dillon Taylor, South Salt Lake City, UT., Tayler Rock, Arkansas City, KS. and many more…


All were in the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy. All were violent and untimely deaths. But such would, once again, bring us to the table of the brotherhood of man to talk shop about the killing, stealing and destroying of our nation’s youth, elderly and the disabled as well as the poor.

What does this say about us as a society? Where do we go from here? These were just some of the many questions that we have been asking of ourselves and each other as we have national and international conversations about such actions.

Enter: “Queens Democratic City Councilman Rory Lancman… …introduce a package of bills, that aims to criminalize the use of chokehold by NYPD officers and provide guidelines on how the tactic can only be used.  …” - City Council bill to make chokehold illegal | New York Amsterdam News: The new Black view.

However, there’s a catch, a hitch in the giddy up as we say down South. NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton is having none of it according to the REPORT from AmNews …

“I won’t support It .. I feel that department policies are sufficient, that if lawmakers want to try to make that against the law, well, good luck, but I will not support it.”

NYPD Commissioner William Bratton

Anyone with a pulse is familiar with the methods and madness of William Bratton from L.A. to New York City and back again. Time and memorial Bill Bratton has stood in the way of progress, and a civilized 21st century society. Why? Answer: There is profitability in death. Especially in the death of the elderly, disabled, youth and poorest amongst us, ‘the least of these’. And Bill Bratton’s ‘protect and serve’ past is littered with the skulls and bones of these. Eric Garner is but one, a microcosm of a macrocosm, in the life and times of William R. Bratton, Police Chief/Commissioner Extraordinaire.

IF the mountain will not come to Mohammed then Mohammed should go to the mountain. William Bratton and New York’s finest, that ‘thin blue line’ need to be taught invaluable lessons.

Lessons that we thought that they had learned, most certainly their comrades in arms in the NY City Fire Department did on 9/11, of the milk of human kindness. That quality of mercy. That mission of mercy. Search and rescue. Recover. Renewal. Restoration. Why didn’t they embrace them? Why did they instead and elect to go back to their evil and self-serving ways, that ‘us verses them’ mentality? Are we not, after all, our brother’s keeper?

Eric Garner Family Photo

Were they not suppose to be Mr. Garner’s keeper on that hot summer day here in 2014?

‘Mistakes were made.’ Is no longer an acceptable or tolerable answer for us who advocate on behalf of Eric Garner and his family. We will not go quietly into that Staten Island New York Night!

Eric Garner deserved far better treatment than that of what he received at the hands of the NYPD on that tragic day. Deserved far more respect and compassion than what he got from the Fire & Rescue Squad Team. And his family, well, they deserve and have well-earned the right to know. The right to accountability. Transparency. Openness. Honesty and forthrightness. IF the New York City Council has any compunction. Any compassion. Any quality of mercy that is not strained but dropeth as that gentle rain from heaven they will, THEY WILL, pass Councilman Lacman’s bills on banning the choke hold entirely.

They will begin to answer our questions in so doing and begin the process, I hope and pray, of showing William Bratton his way out the door, permanently. We shall see what comes of it all.

In the mean time let us continue to pray for the Family of Eric Garner and so many other Eric Garner’s across the country and around the world who, through no fault of their own, have died needless and violent deaths at the hands of police.




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From the Free Matt DeHart Campaign, 2014 ...

How To Train Your Anon … The #FreeAnons Movement & the #Darkweb(s) Takedown

matt dehart letter writing meme

Social Media Screen Grab from the #FreeMattDeHart Campaign (Facebook Page), 2014 …

OTTAWA, Canada – Admittedly I’ve been a bit pre-occupied. Lots going on and what with the now concluded, or may be not-we shall see #recountelectionday2014-???, Mid-Term Elections for 2014 I have had a lot on my plate. And while that is no good excuse it is the truth.

I just concluded reading a fascinating article from my now newly minted friends with The Cryptosphere News Service.

And it was a really well-written and extremely informative article on the recent takedowns of the so-called ‘darkweb(s)’ and essentially a good chunk of my friends with Anonymous. Up to and including my friend Matthew Paul ‘Koenig’ DeHart.

In what amounted to, to me at least anyways, as a How To Train Your Anon on the use of the ‘Internets’ without getting taken down by the Feds at a later date the author went all in on a how-to article. And I applaud them for that. We have all of us got to build a better mouse trap. Especially when it comes to our ‘Internets’. Bottom line.

The worldwide web is still the last bastion of freedom left in the world. It is where the corner of democracy and ‘twitter diplomacy’ abide. Yet, still and all we have got to safe guard against the Man, against the Machine. Keeping such safe and free for further use.

My friend Matt DeHart was working toward doing that very thing. Say what you want or will about his Anomic activities. Such is fine and I think Matt has already well-admitted that he was part and partial of Anonymous. But and here’s my question about the whole thing, what law or laws did he break by becoming one? By becoming part of Anonymous? Is it against the law to be a part of a Collective? A group? A clique? A Family?

To hear it told, to have it said and lamented oh so poetically good the powers that be for both Canada and the United States of America would have us to believe, “Oh no! You can’t be apart of something like that! That’s against the law…”

goverment truth meme

#governmentaltruthmeme …

Not long ago a social media friend sent me this meme above. And I thought it was apropos for this particular posting. To sum up, in a way, the tug of popular sentiment of the Governments of the United States & Canada toward Matthew Paul ‘Koenig’ DeHart.

Because while they have brandied about many big officialdom sounding words and technical stump speak against Matt DeHart the one thing that they truly have not done is to make us all understand where it is exactly that they are coming from. You see, and at the very least, we understand exactly where Anonymous is coming from. Where they stand on things. What’s both good and bad in the land known as both cyber space and the World Wide Web.

We get from them this at large need to make it easily understood always. All of us, together, understanding exactly where Anonymous stands and frankly where we ourselves stand with Anonymous because and in the end we are, all of us, Anonymous and Anonymous is Us.

They live amongst us, just like Matt and his Family. And in many cases we don’t even know it.

But to hear it told and to have it said we need to train them all up just like children so that ‘when they are old (as in an adult) they will not depart from it’, right? Or have I ‘misunderestimated’ something?

Sort of like the epic Disney Movie, “How To Train Your Dragon…” Only this time and in this case its, “How To Train Your Anon…”

free hammond anon

From the Free Anons Movement (The Free Jeremy Hammond Campaign) …

Train them up so that they won’t end up here, maybe????

prison meme 2014


By all standards and practices than Matt DeHart’s parents, good people in my opinion, missed the boat. Matt DeHart didn’t get that ‘training’ up in the way that ‘a child should go’. So his government had to…

police state truth

police state truth meme

I’m guessing … If you’d a just dun it this a way Ma and Pa DeHart your boy Matt wouldn’t be here …

Matthew DeHart

From the #FreeMattDeHart Campaign, 2014 #Anonymous

Right? Train your Anon in this way and this kind of thing wouldn’t have to happen. Okay! Now I get it. Now I understand. Message has been received. Received loud and clear. So it’s my duty, in the estimations of the Governments of the United States and Canada, to train my Anon friend up. Show him the way. Do it this way. In this manner. In this right frame of mind and good things will happen. Good things will come your way. Norman Vincent Peal anyone? Anyone?

Uh, thank you but no thank you. Matthew Paul DeHart, Jeremy Hammond or any other Anon languishing behind your prison walls. Wearing your chains of bondage does not now or in the future need training. Especially your training.

What they need instead is encouragement. Guidance. Mentorship. Sponsorship. And more of an opportunity for growth and development. Especially with their minds. Their vast and expansive ingenious minds. To aim that mind in a direction that is even far more positive. Benefiting society even more. Benefiting themselves and the ones that they love even more.

You see folks Matt DeHart and Jeremy Hammond don’t need a lesson in humility. All they need are examples in love, compassion, mercy, and grace. Throw in a little favor with the Maker of All Things and Man himself and well, you’ve got the makings of one outstanding human being whose potential is boundless.

I wish my friend well. I wish all my Anon friends well. Godspeed to them and to their families. Anons are our friends. They are our Family. Apart and partial of the Human Family. But crank out a factoid in Love not Training Your Anon next time, okay? #FreeAllAnons



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patterson 2014 cky news photo

An open message to Kentucky Republican & Democrat Parties … #KySen

An open message to the Republican and Democrat Parties of Kentucky on behalf of David Patterson …

Good Evening,

I struggled with writing this message tonight. Struggled with conveying my feelings to the individuals I want to without cursing. I am angry. Frustrated. And extremely disappointed in the political process in this state, this Great Commonwealth of Kentucky.

I am a LIBERAL democrat. More succinctly, a Libertarian Democrat. I believe in choice, gay marriage, wage, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. I also believe in communication. Communicating clearly, consciously at all times.

Conveying to the people to which are in front of me my true feelings. Making sure they know where I stand and where they stand with me. To that end I am messaging you tonight to express my disappointment in the race for United States Senate here in Kentucky. A political race for the ages.

One for the history books because it was and will remain a race that was cooked book from the jump! We all know that the fix was in for McConnell to win this thing. Sure Lundergan-Grimes ran a great race. Stood on her own two feet but when the chips were down, often times, she was out to lunch. Bottom line. But there was also another candidate for United States Senate, a candidate in which I supported, campaigned for and formally endorsed, publicly as well as privately, I’m speaking of course about David Patterson, Libertarian, from Harrodsburg, Ky. (Harris County, Ky.)

David Patterson ran an outstanding race. He is an outstanding public servant for his county, city and state!

Yet, still, and all he was deliberately and  effectually marginalized by a Golden Triangle-Washington, D.C.-KET-Elite Media Establishment hell-bent on doing just that. WHY? Answer: Fear. The Golden Triangle Elite Political Media Establishment FEARS loosing its power. Doesn’t want to give an inch.

Will not allow or permit alternatives, political alternatives other than their very own from being heard. Case in point: Gatewood Galibraith.

You all did all you could to keep Gatewood from being heard. Up to and including nearly excluding him from a KET Debate for Governor, his last.

Yet, still and all he managed to be heard and seen. Raised enough hell and put enough fear of God and fear of him in all of you that you relented. And you know what its sad that it had to come to that. Truly. Imagine a world in which. A state in which all points of view are allowed to be heard?

A political process that is truly free of the political, leaving itself only to process. Only to the will of the people by the advent of the vote. Imagine? I am begging you. Pleading with you to consider well this process. Give it a try. What could or would be the harm? Julian Carroll may come down to the office in Frankfort from the Capitol and yell at somebody? Wendell Ford may role his wheelchair and oxygen tank in from Louisville just to grunt at somebody?

Pardon me but haven’t these gentlemen had their time? Had their moment in the Kentucky sun? It is past time for you to face your fears. Face the reality that Julian Carroll may yell. Wendell Ford may grunt but by God we are going to give people like David Patterson every opportunity to be heard from!

We will be political parties, state political parties of inclusion.

We will return to the mold and vein of diplomacy, of statesmanship, of bi-partisanship. We will return to Ronald Reagan and John Anderson 1980 presidential campaign. Ronald Reagan the Republican debated John Anderson the Independent for the presidency of the United States of America in 1980 no questions asked, no qualms or hesitations rendered. It was the one and only debate that they had because the incumbent President, Jimmy Carter, a Democrat REFUSED to debate Reagan IF John Anderson, a then United States Senator from Illinois, was present.

Despite the League of Women Voters insistency President Carter got his way. WHY? Answer: Fear. Carter feared Anderson, still does, to this day if the name John Anderson and the race for the presidency of 1980 is mentioned in Mr. Carter’s presence you will see an otherwise sweet, loving and kind man turn into a political monster. Carter hates John Anderson.

And it is clear that and at the very least Mitch McConnell hated David Patterson, Julian Carroll hated David Patterson, Wendell Ford hated David Patterson, Steve Beshear, our Governor, hated David Patterson and all four men worked to corner the market against David Patterson.

And once more Alison Lundergan-Grimes and the Democrat and Republican Parties of Kentucky collaborated and conspired against David to keep him from the process. Keep him from debating Grimes and McConnell at the KET debate. Kept David operating and living on the margins throughout this process. WHY? Answer: Fear that Julian Carroll, Wendell Ford, Steve Beshear and Mitch McConnell would pay the powers that be at the Democrat and Republican headquarters in Frankfort. WHY? How? What? Four silly, weak-kneed, vacillating, approaching senility old men. Bottom line. Imagine what this process, the race for United States Senate here in Kentucky, could have been IF all three candidates were heard from by the voters. Imagine?

I believe that we would have had another Ronald Reagan John Anderson debate for the presidency only this debate process would have been for the Senate. When and if you all want to grow a pair. Get past your fear. Choke back your revelation for the four men I just mentioned give me a call. Give the Kentucky voter a call. We will be available to hear from you. We will not refuse you. We will not try to corner the market. We will allow you to speak. Allow you to be heard and seen.

Thank you.

–David Davidson

(Rhett E. Column, Senior Say What News Correspondent)

Paducah, Ky. U.S.A.

patterson vote meme

The ‘I’m Standing With David Patterson on November the 4th!’ Meme …

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dystonia dialogue

A Question(s) for My #DystoniaAwareness Friends.. #Dystonia #DefeatDystoniaDisease #MedicalMarijuana

dystoniascreengrab 2014

Screen Grab from the Dystonia Foundation … (Make September Dystonia Awareness Month)

PADUCAH, Kentucky – Primarily I’d like to hear from my Dystonia friends tonight but the question(s) I have are open. Meaning anyone outside of them is welcome to answer it as well. As a civil society we are better off with all points of view anyways, right?

I wondered tonight, posed the question(s) earlier on twitter today, “Where do you all stand on med. #marijuana? Helpful of harmful for #dystonia?” So far, I’ve only heard from one of my friends. So far.

medusagrass 2014

A Medical Medusa overlaid a Marijuana Leaf …

Medical marijuana has cured, in fact its base, rather the marijuana plant’s base, THC has been known to cure thousands if not hundreds of thousands of diseases, cancers, seizures and more. Science, medicine are that much farther down the road of advancement toward the wonder-working power of this little green plant. It is, for all intents and purposes the peanut of its day.

madamecurie, 2014

Madame Marie Curie …

The late great Dr. George Washington Carver and Madame Marie Curie herself would dare to live to experiment on such a plant. Science and medicine herself are still unlocking its little green doors long after the bones of both such medical and scientific geniuses have passed from this life to the next.

So I’m wondering with the clearly devastating effects that this disease, dystonia, has on millions around the world, where my friends would stand on the encroachment of such a subject, such a possibility? Would the Dystonia Community be open to treatment of this disease by way of the cannabis plant and its component THC?

Leave me a comment guys.

Like this posting and follow my blog below. Thank you for your support!



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Book Recommendation, In The Light of Ebola Epidemic …

Northeastern AFRICA – Newsmax Magazine On line REPORTS that the World Health Organization says they will see 10,000 Ebola Cases a week before December 1 this year. Unbelievable, if true!

ebola virus, 2014

A multiplied microscopic picture of the Ebola virus in a person’s blood stream, 2014 …

In light of that fact and other far more mitigating circumstances I thought it invaluable, prudent to share a MUST GET, MUST READ book with you all today. “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?” By Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D.,M.P.H. ..

emerging viruses, 2014

The Holy Grail of Information, Education & Decision …

This book will open your eyes, your heart, your mind, your soul and your spirit to how the Governments of the United States and the World do business in your and my good name. Especially in light of the goings on in Africa, Mother Africa …

africa, 2014

Continent of Africa … Mother Africa I’m deeply sorry that the White Man is STILL raping you… #StopRapingAfrica

Stop Raping Africa! Stop killing her people with infection, disease, famine, flood, pestilence, and more! More importantly CDC and World Health Organization STOP Experimenting on Us! Stop experimenting on Animals! It’s just craziness. Madness. The CDC and World Health Organization have inflicted and infected more hurt, harm and danger upon the world, at the behest of the United States of America, than any other “civic-minded,” organizations the world over. And that’s not saying much.

Arm your selves with the truth. Gird well your mind, and heart with the knowledge of the written and very well-informed words of Dr. Horowitz TO DAY. Thank you for reading. Follow and Share My Blog or Like this post below.



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#Blog: “Support #DystoniaAwareness Month: A #WeThePeople #petition..” By Rhett E. Column; #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress

dystoniascreengrab 2014

Screen Grab from the Dystonia Foundation … (Make September Dystonia Awareness Month) ..

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Recently I made some new social media friends, The Dystonia Foundation of America. The friendship has been my honor and my privilege to make. They have proved informative, educational and positive as we work toward both a cure and informing the World of this DISEASE.

Simply put and simply stated Dystonia disease is a neurological disease. Much like that of ALS or  Lou Gehrig’s disease. Often times crippling. Often times fatal. It renders our fellow human beings useless in so many ways and it is unfortunate.

My new social media friends reached out to me through twitter, and it has been a budding friendship ever since. But our interests in each other doesn’t end there. Instead I have decided to join arms with my new friends to  petition President Obama to make the Month of September National #DystoniaAwareness Month!

Although cures for this disease are rare and still limited in scope they are becoming more advanced as science and technology catches up with it. It is my sincere hope and fervent prayer that all who read this posting will join with us. Link arms. And work together to both fight this disease and make the World well aware of it. Thank you for your time and consideration always. Follow this and other blogs anytime here or to the right side of the post.



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Color of Change

REMOVE or RESIGN: Attorney Bob McCullouch MUST GO! #Ferguson, #JusticeForMikeBrown

Big Mike Brown

Michael Brown, Jr. …

FERGUSON TOWNSHIP, MO. — Early this morning I sat down at my computer and began to look up contact information for Missouri State Government Leadership.

The Reason: Justice for Mike Brown, Jr.

Once found I went to MoveOn.org and started this formal petition. Started, in this way, We, the undersigned of this petition are calling for Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to REMOVE Saint Louis Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCullouch from the adjudication of the Michael Brown, Jr. Case, for biases and prejudices, OR for Governor Nixon to RESIGN immediately for dereliction of duty, as Governor, by a failure to act as requested on behalf of the People of his State and in particular the Citizenship of Ferguson Township, MO. and Saint Louis County, MO. Michael Brown, Jr.’s funeral is going on right now as I right this blog post. Soon his family will officially lay their child to rest but the FACT REMAINS there has been no justice. No arrest of Officer Darren Wilson. No voluntary recusal of Attorney McCullouch. WHY?

There is no rhyme or reason for this injustice. Or for the simple, honorable requests of the Citizens of Ferguson and Saint Louis County to not be honored. For the death of Michael Brown, Jr. to be not in vain. Soon enough the media circus will pack up their clown cars, megaphones, and big top tents and move on to the next salacious story but Michael Brown, Jr.’s family and friends will remain. Injustice will remain, IF. Unless and until we as a Concerned Collective rise up in one accord agreement and make the Powers that Be in Jefferson City, MO. to LISTEN this injustice will remain unanswered.

Not to long ago I called upon the Citizens of Ferguson, Concerned Citizens of Missouri to MARCH 2 Jefferson City and take the petitions that they had originally signed for Attorney McCullouch to recuse himself from the Michael Brown Case voluntarily because of very real and serious concerns.

To give you a bit of background: Last week Citizens of Ferguson, Concerned Citizens of Missouri took those recusal petitions to Attorney McCullouch in Clayton, MO., to the Saint Louis County Courthouse, but and initially the citizens were denied entry into the courthouse by Clayton Police. Can you imagine? Denied access, denied entry into a public building? Their courthouse. Access denied. Justice delayed, is justice denied!

WHY? Answer: The powers that be just want this to go away. The death of Michael Brown, Jr., while tragic, is really not that big of a deal to them, after all it wasn’t their white child that was killed by police. Not that much to be overly concerned about. Frankly, and respectfully, “one less N***er to have to deal with and take care of in the world. Next. …” This, I promise you, is the attitude. The true and right approach of governance. Of leadership in the Show Me State. Because, and believe it or not, Missouri is STILL a, “Southern State”. Racism. Racists. ALL still abide. Bottom line. And unless and until we as a Concerned Collective remove it from the root. Remove it from our presence it will remain. It will abide and abound. Growing in exponential power.

And so Concerned Collective the Work of Justice IS NOT DONE. The Work of #JusticeForMikeBrown remains unfinished. His remains, though laid to rest, will not rest in peace until there is an answer given for his senseless death. Are you prepared to do the work? We welcome you openly.

Until then, “Good night and good luck #Ferguson …”


[Cops In The NEWS] Darren Wilson and the status quo – St. Louis American: Jamala

ST LOUIS, Missouri – Any day now the Grand Jury in the Michael Brown case is expected to render a verdict in the matter of the People of St. Louis County v. The Incorporated Township of Ferguson, Missouri, Ferguson Township Police Department, and Darren Wilson.

The jury is corrupt. Tainted. The prosecuting attorney for this case is corrupt. Tainted. It will not matter a whit or a whim what they decide. What the verdict is or is not the FACT remains in that the system. This system of justice, if you want to call it that, is corrupt and more importantly racist. And apparently its been racist and corrupt for years, decades perhaps?

I just finished reading this POSTING: Darren Wilson and the status quo – St. Louis American: Jamala.

Written by Jamala Rogers and opined on St. Louis American tonight. I support what she has written. Stand with her in solidarity. Stand with the people of Ferguson and St. Louis County in this, and you should to.

Good night and good luck #Ferguson.



[NSA NEWS] Watered-Down NSA Reform Bill Fails in Senate Procedural Vote — News from Antiwar.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Amidst the excitement of the Keystone XL pipeline vote in the United States Senate yesterday, a vote I called my Senators for Kentucky on yesterday and told them to vote, “No!” BUT they didn’t listen, was this little bit of news The USA Freedom Act, according to a report from Antiwar.com, FAILED in a ‘procedural vote’ on the floor of the Senate after outgoing Majority Leader, Harry Reid, Democrat-Nevada, said put it to a vote.

In the interests of full disclosure I am extremely disappointed in this news. But I am far more disappointed in my Senators for Kentucky especially one Addison Mitchell McConnell, Jr., the Honorable.

Watered-Down NSA Reform Bill Fails in Senate Procedural Vote — News from Antiwar.com.

Mitch McConnell said with one good eye and a straight face, “This is the worst possible time to be tying  our hands behind our back. At the moment, we should not be doing anything to make the situation worse.” Tying our hands behind our back? Making the situation worse? C’mon Senator McConnell you know better!

What, respectfully, is your problem sir? What kind of junk statement is that to make concerning the privacy, security and safety of our nation and it’s citizens? Are you crazy?!

Is the United States Senate, in it’s current form, infirmed?

We have talked adnausium about this issue here folks! You know where I stand. You know where those who support and fall in line with Edward Snowden stand.

All we ask. All anybody asks with a pulse is that you do your job without aide and dependent. If you can’t, then exit to the left. Bottom line.

You have no right. No right! Whatsoever to spy on American citizens. Period. Full stop. And if you do you are guilty of committing high crimes and misdemeanors against the State. Against the Union. Or against the ‘Homeland’ if you prefer. And such a crime or crimes is punishable by imprisonment, fines and then death itself. Our Constitution says that We The People have the right to arrest you, try you in an open court of law by a judge and jury of your peers, find you guilty or innocent, if found guilty immediately detain you over, fine you, imprison you and then summarily and quickly put you to death.

Mitch McConnell & Company gave cart blanche yesterday for this lawlessness to continue. I think it’s time for a recall election on Addison Mitchell McConnell, Jr. & All of Congress who shot the USA Freedom Act in the foot on the way to the Floor.

Who’s with me? Leave a comment. Let me know where you stand. Thank you.



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Knock Knock

Rhett E. Column, #SayWhatNews, #AXJ:

A little Friday humor from a friend. LISTEN…


#SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress

Originally posted on Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger:

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Avenue who?
Avenue knocked on this door before?

Knock Knock

Christopher De Voss, Orlando Florida

2013 Winner Best Comedy Blog Post
My Simplistic Review OF The Smart Watch

The team of Long Awkward Pause proudly presents….
this year’s Nominees for the 2014 Public Blogger Awards in the category of…Best Hummus Blog Post.

We searched far and wide and combed every possible corner of the internet to find the best blogs about Hummus.

We found only one: HummusAmoungUs.com.

So we decided to scrap that and nominate blogs in the humor category instead.


If you would like to find great recipes on hummus, then check out that blog…

If you would like to laugh instead, check out our Nominees.

and the nominees are……

from Thought Catalog
19 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Sarcastic Girl
written by Crissy Milazzo

Knock Knock

a sarcastic girl

No. 14 There’s…

View original 333 more words

World ominously close to nuclear war – Noam Chomsky to RT

Rhett E. Column, #SayWhatNews, #AXJ:

An outstanding read from a great blogger and friend…


#SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress

Originally posted on Random Candidate:

“The overall situation of international instability was worsened by US involvement in the Middle Eastern affairs and damaging regional conflicts, Chomsky says, comparing its actions in Iraq to a hit with a“sledgehammer.”

More here:  

View original

He Didn’t “Win,” BUT He Won! #KySen #VoteBetter #VoteSmarter #VoteLibertarian

patterson 2014 cky news photo

Mr. David M. Patterson, 2014 Candidate for United States Senate, Kentucky, Libertarian …

HARRODSBURG, Kentucky – Good morning. Although my friend David Patterson didn’t “win,” the race for U.S. Senate here in Kentucky on Tuesday he won much more than that.

David won the respect and admiration of thousands of fellow Kentucky voters across all political party lines, perspectives and ideals.

And he ended, for now at least, his effort with one of the classicist concession speeches you will never ever see much less read/hear on a 10 o’clock nightly news cast. …

Just in case anyone missed it (and many of you may have because of the willingness of the press to ignore everything about my campaign), here is my concession statement:

“A quick congratulations to Senator McConnell. I wish him, his wife Elaine and their family nothing but the best moving forward. And congratulations to Secretary Grimes. I am sure she will continue to represent her party with class as she continues in the political arena. Best to her and Andrew. I am sure this will not even come close to slowing her down. Most importantly thank you to my wife, Ashley, for standing with me. It has been a long year and a half but well worth it. – Dave #VoteBetter

A notable edit: To write in candidate Michael Maggard of Madison Co. who lost his mother in October. Congratulations on your run sir. A more God fearing, principled man you will not find.”

David Patterson didn’t just go out with a whimper or a nod he went out of the race for United States Senate here in Kentucky with a SONIC BOOM!

The guy got nearly 50,000 votes! You say well, that’s not much, not much at all by any stretch of the imagination. And such is true, but only partly. Look at it this way. That’s 50,000 people, because one person, one vote, right? So that’s 50,000 votes NOT CAST for McConnell or Grimes. Think of how much more of a showing, a far better showing, had McConnell or Grimes gotten all 50,000 of those votes.

McConnell-Grimes 2014

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican-Kentucky and KY Secretary of State Alison Lundergan-Grimes, Democrat-Kentucky, Fancy Farm, Getty Images 2014

We would be setting here today, reading this early morning posting as if it was a landslide victory for either Establishment party candidate when, and clearly, it was not.

On Election Night former Governor of New Mexico and 2012 Libertarian Candidate for President of the United States of America, Gary E. Johnson summed the whole electoral process up in the most absolutely beautiful way possible. Watch!

Is that not beautiful folks?! Not a beautifully expressed sentiment?

David Patterson may not have won the election but he did win the process, he did win the day. He ran one of the cleanest, fairest and most honorable campaigns of any candidate out there. (So too did every Libertarian who ran for office in 2014.)

He engaged the voters at every turn, every opportunity. And the message resonated.

dave and voters, 2014

The annual, “Not Fancy Farm Picnic & Meeting for 2014…”

And here…

dave and a voter selfie, 2014

Dave and a fellow voter/supporter hanging out on the campaign trail…

Time and again they came to Dave and said, “Mr. Patterson where do you stand on the issue?” “Can you tell us what you will do as our next United States Senator?

And time after time Dave told them and he showed them, what exactly he would do.  What they could expect, what they would get, and how well that they would be represented in the United States Senate.

Kind of along the same lines as this old political hero of mine said and did in the 1980′s when running for President. Watch! Classic.

And it worked because he got nearly 50,000 votes folks! That’s 50,000 registered voters that DID NOT side with McConnell or Grimes. Instead they went with Dave because they believed in him. Believed in what he said. What he was demonstrating to them when it comes to Liberty, Freedom & Limited Governance. Good Governance. Just like Reagan.

SO, say what you want or will. ‘Eh! That David Patterson man he’s, he’s just a spoiler vote!’ Sure was, he spoiled your pick for United States Senate here in Kentucky, at least, outta nearly 50,000 votes! So, how’s that for spoilage?

KET Logo 2014

Kentucky Educational Television (K.E.T.) Logo …

Imagine IF he would have been given equal time in that KET debate back in early October. How different things might well have been. Perhaps? Perhaps now, winning the whole thing? We very well could have been setting here on this day speaking or posting about U.S. Senator-Elect David Patterson, Libertarian-Kentucky? Hmm. Something to ponder.

So while David may very well have lost the battle, Libertarians are winning the war. #SeeYouAtThePolls. #POTUS2016 here we come!