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dystonia dialogue

A Question(s) for My #DystoniaAwareness Friends.. #Dystonia #DefeatDystoniaDisease #MedicalMarijuana

dystoniascreengrab 2014

Screen Grab from the Dystonia Foundation … (Make September Dystonia Awareness Month)

PADUCAH, Kentucky – Primarily I’d like to hear from my Dystonia friends tonight but the question(s) I have are open. Meaning anyone outside of them is welcome to answer it as well. As a civil society we are better off with all points of view anyways, right?

I wondered tonight, posed the question(s) earlier on twitter today, “Where do you all stand on med. #marijuana? Helpful of harmful for #dystonia?” So far, I’ve only heard from one of my friends. So far.

medusagrass 2014

A Medical Medusa overlaid a Marijuana Leaf …

Medical marijuana has cured, in fact its base, rather the marijuana plant’s base, THC has been known to cure thousands if not hundreds of thousands of diseases, cancers, seizures and more. Science, medicine are that much farther down the road of advancement toward the wonder-working power of this little green plant. It is, for all intents and purposes the peanut of its day.

madamecurie, 2014

Madame Marie Curie …

The late great Dr. George Washington Carver and Madame Marie Curie herself would dare to live to experiment on such a plant. Science and medicine herself are still unlocking its little green doors long after the bones of both such medical and scientific geniuses have passed from this life to the next.

So I’m wondering with the clearly devastating effects that this disease, dystonia, has on millions around the world, where my friends would stand on the encroachment of such a subject, such a possibility? Would the Dystonia Community be open to treatment of this disease by way of the cannabis plant and its component THC?

Leave me a comment guys.

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Book Recommendation, In The Light of Ebola Epidemic …

Northeastern AFRICA – Newsmax Magazine On line REPORTS that the World Health Organization says they will see 10,000 Ebola Cases a week before December 1 this year. Unbelievable, if true!

ebola virus, 2014

A multiplied microscopic picture of the Ebola virus in a person’s blood stream, 2014 …

In light of that fact and other far more mitigating circumstances I thought it invaluable, prudent to share a MUST GET, MUST READ book with you all today. “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?” By Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D.,M.P.H. ..

emerging viruses, 2014

The Holy Grail of Information, Education & Decision …

This book will open your eyes, your heart, your mind, your soul and your spirit to how the Governments of the United States and the World do business in your and my good name. Especially in light of the goings on in Africa, Mother Africa …

africa, 2014

Continent of Africa … Mother Africa I’m deeply sorry that the White Man is STILL raping you… #StopRapingAfrica

Stop Raping Africa! Stop killing her people with infection, disease, famine, flood, pestilence, and more! More importantly CDC and World Health Organization STOP Experimenting on Us! Stop experimenting on Animals! It’s just craziness. Madness. The CDC and World Health Organization have inflicted and infected more hurt, harm and danger upon the world, at the behest of the United States of America, than any other “civic-minded,” organizations the world over. And that’s not saying much.

Arm your selves with the truth. Gird well your mind, and heart with the knowledge of the written and very well-informed words of Dr. Horowitz TO DAY. Thank you for reading. Follow and Share My Blog or Like this post below.



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#Blog: “Support #DystoniaAwareness Month: A #WeThePeople #petition..” By Rhett E. Column; #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress

dystoniascreengrab 2014

Screen Grab from the Dystonia Foundation … (Make September Dystonia Awareness Month) ..

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Recently I made some new social media friends, The Dystonia Foundation of America. The friendship has been my honor and my privilege to make. They have proved informative, educational and positive as we work toward both a cure and informing the World of this DISEASE.

Simply put and simply stated Dystonia disease is a neurological disease. Much like that of ALS or  Lou Gehrig’s disease. Often times crippling. Often times fatal. It renders our fellow human beings useless in so many ways and it is unfortunate.

My new social media friends reached out to me through twitter, and it has been a budding friendship ever since. But our interests in each other doesn’t end there. Instead I have decided to join arms with my new friends to  petition President Obama to make the Month of September National #DystoniaAwareness Month!

Although cures for this disease are rare and still limited in scope they are becoming more advanced as science and technology catches up with it. It is my sincere hope and fervent prayer that all who read this posting will join with us. Link arms. And work together to both fight this disease and make the World well aware of it. Thank you for your time and consideration always. Follow this and other blogs anytime here or to the right side of the post.



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Color of Change

REMOVE or RESIGN: Attorney Bob McCullouch MUST GO! #Ferguson, #JusticeForMikeBrown

Big Mike Brown

Michael Brown, Jr. …

FERGUSON TOWNSHIP, MO. — Early this morning I sat down at my computer and began to look up contact information for Missouri State Government Leadership.

The Reason: Justice for Mike Brown, Jr.

Once found I went to MoveOn.org and started this formal petition. Started, in this way, We, the undersigned of this petition are calling for Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to REMOVE Saint Louis Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCullouch from the adjudication of the Michael Brown, Jr. Case, for biases and prejudices, OR for Governor Nixon to RESIGN immediately for dereliction of duty, as Governor, by a failure to act as requested on behalf of the People of his State and in particular the Citizenship of Ferguson Township, MO. and Saint Louis County, MO. Michael Brown, Jr.’s funeral is going on right now as I right this blog post. Soon his family will officially lay their child to rest but the FACT REMAINS there has been no justice. No arrest of Officer Darren Wilson. No voluntary recusal of Attorney McCullouch. WHY?

There is no rhyme or reason for this injustice. Or for the simple, honorable requests of the Citizens of Ferguson and Saint Louis County to not be honored. For the death of Michael Brown, Jr. to be not in vain. Soon enough the media circus will pack up their clown cars, megaphones, and big top tents and move on to the next salacious story but Michael Brown, Jr.’s family and friends will remain. Injustice will remain, IF. Unless and until we as a Concerned Collective rise up in one accord agreement and make the Powers that Be in Jefferson City, MO. to LISTEN this injustice will remain unanswered.

Not to long ago I called upon the Citizens of Ferguson, Concerned Citizens of Missouri to MARCH 2 Jefferson City and take the petitions that they had originally signed for Attorney McCullouch to recuse himself from the Michael Brown Case voluntarily because of very real and serious concerns.

To give you a bit of background: Last week Citizens of Ferguson, Concerned Citizens of Missouri took those recusal petitions to Attorney McCullouch in Clayton, MO., to the Saint Louis County Courthouse, but and initially the citizens were denied entry into the courthouse by Clayton Police. Can you imagine? Denied access, denied entry into a public building? Their courthouse. Access denied. Justice delayed, is justice denied!

WHY? Answer: The powers that be just want this to go away. The death of Michael Brown, Jr., while tragic, is really not that big of a deal to them, after all it wasn’t their white child that was killed by police. Not that much to be overly concerned about. Frankly, and respectfully, “one less N***er to have to deal with and take care of in the world. Next. …” This, I promise you, is the attitude. The true and right approach of governance. Of leadership in the Show Me State. Because, and believe it or not, Missouri is STILL a, “Southern State”. Racism. Racists. ALL still abide. Bottom line. And unless and until we as a Concerned Collective remove it from the root. Remove it from our presence it will remain. It will abide and abound. Growing in exponential power.

And so Concerned Collective the Work of Justice IS NOT DONE. The Work of #JusticeForMikeBrown remains unfinished. His remains, though laid to rest, will not rest in peace until there is an answer given for his senseless death. Are you prepared to do the work? We welcome you openly.

Until then, “Good night and good luck #Ferguson …”



‘Justice Delayed, Justice Denied’ … CIA Torture Report, REPORTEDLY, Being Delayed Until After Election Day 2014 ..

senator feinstein in us capitol

U.S. Senator Dianne G.B. Feinstein, Democrat – California

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Its being widely reported that the White House is ‘angling’ to have the CIA ‘Torture Report’ delayed, yet again, until after the Election of 2014 when it is predicted that the Republicans will take over the United States Senate and ‘kill’ the release of the report ‘altogether’.

Senator Feinstein, Chairwoman of the Select Committee for Intelligence in the United States Senate, its reported is doing all that she can to get the White House to release the report anyway but, White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough, who is a staunch Allie of C.I.A. Director John O. Brennan,privately, wants the report delayed until after the election thus ensuring, to Brennan’s relief, the killing off of the reports’ release by Allied Republicans in the United States Senate.

IF, I was an Establishment guy you wouldn’t hear much less read a hard word one from me on such a rumored effort. In fact all you would hear would be crickets.

But and you know that I am anything but an Establishment guy and anything but quiet.

If true, IF TRUE NOW, because there are two sides to every story and we have not officially heard from the President on this alleged delay. Yet. But if true then this latest delay would explain a lot.

obamaflagconstitutionphotoThe Obama Administration thinks it safe, thinks it cover IF the Republicans should win the Senate in November. That the war hawks, namely, Senators McCain, Graham and Ayotte. Will ‘hold the political line’. Recite, chapter and verse, about how that the ‘surge worked’. Gen. David Petraeus was a ‘hero’. And that the George W. Bush Administration was right when they said, “that if we don’t fight them over there then we will be fighting them over here.”

And so it goes. …

zubaydah truthout magazine photo

Mr. Abu Zubaydah, indefinite detention (‘prolonged detention’) candidate from 2003 to 2008 …

Tonight and off and on throughout the day yesterday certain social media circles were awash with, “Is Obama really a Republican?”

“Is he covering for the Bush Administration because he likes their policies on torture?” Yet still and all in other circles it was remarked that, “Obama is just trying to figure out how best to release this report.”

Or, “He’s just trying to do right by the Intelligence Community.”

And so it goes. …

I would like to believe the later and not the former. I’d like to believe that President Obama has our best interests at heart when it comes to such things. That he would and will honor the remainder of his 2008 presidential campaign platform. That ‘the oceans will begin to heal … prolonged and perpetual wars will end … I will prosecute George W. Bush and (my cousin) Richard B. Cheney for war crimes’.

the greenwald book

“With Liberty and Justice For Some: How the Law is Used To Destroy Equality and Protect and Powerful…” By Glenn Greenwald

But I am reminded of the man who said, “politicians campaign in poetry and govern in prose.”

I am also reminded of how President Obama said, “(9/11 is over,) Osama bin Laden is dead, Al Qaeda is on the run, and GM is alive and well…”

Based on these things and more the so-called War on Terror should be over. Git-Mo forever closed. We closed Abu Ghraib why can’t we close Git-Mo? Oh wait, now I remember, John McCain would have a fit if Git-Mo was closed. Lindsey Graham would have to have him committed. And such pressure can’t be expected to be placed on Lindsey Graham. Although Kelly Ayotte might give you odds for the commitment of both. But I digress.

John S., "Charlie Wilson" McCain

U.S. Senator John S. McCain, Republican-Arizona

In my opinion this President has given ‘creative license’, cart blanch to the MK-Ultra – Military Industrialist Complex – Police State Faction of Government the all-important opportunities to lie, cheat, steal, kill and destroy the whole of humanity for the sake of ‘keeping America(ns) safe’. And it’s for crap! It’s for crap folks. Don’t you dare believe the hype.

Don’t be fooled by this tripe. This rock gut about ‘keeping America(ns) safe’. You know better. I know better. John O. Brennan and the Torture State have killed more modern men then small pox. Mr. Obama knows it. Knows that with his help, James Clapper’s direction and Richard B. Cheney’s tutelage John Brennan was groomed to drone the free world away while listening in to your and my cellphone conversations.

drones at home rally

From the ‘Leave your Drones At Home’ Rally of 2013; Washington, D.C. …

Permitted under presidential edict to reduce modern man to his knees while the Rothschild Zionists rape our charred remains and get rich while they do it.

But we are to complain not. Just bend over, grab the ankles, turn our heads and cough. We can’t be allowed or permitted to hold our representative government to account. ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ folks!

Wake up! Come too. Snap out of it. Quit laying their and taking it. Quit swallowing what is left of your self-esteem, your self-respect and on November the 4th 2014 go to the polls and vote. VOTE! Vote for freedom. Vote for justice. Vote for accountability.

Send Mr. Obama & Company a clear and conscience message that we will not tolerate this any longer. That by our vote we hold you in dereliction of duty. Until then though, “Good night and good luck fellow Citizens of Earth…”–Rhett.

[Voting NEWS] 93-Year-Old Veteran Turned Away at Voting Booth Due to Texas Voter ID Law

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this one because even though the man had a valid id it was expired but he was still turned away from voting because it had expired. Any way that he could have still went ahead and voted and then took care of the renewal thereafter Texas?

On top of that this man is supposedly a WW2 Veteran. Fought, bled and nearly died for his country and for freedom as a whole, and he is being denied his well-earned right to vote?! C’mon Lone Star State! You know better.

93-Year-Old Veteran Turned Away at Voting Booth Due to Texas Voter ID Law.



[BlogTalk Radio NEWS] Gatewood’s Legacy Radio 10/27 by babycoaldust | Entertainment Podcasts

Good evening everyone. Please check out my friends blogtalk radio post for today, via the link below. Really good stuff, as usual. Follow along and listen in, its free!

Gatewood’s Legacy Radio 10/27 by babycoaldust | Entertainment Podcasts.



[Political NEWS] GOP Candidate’s Anti-Gay Facebook Rant Calls Gay People Gremlins, Bullies

WILLIMINGTON, South Carolina – Things are gettin’ dicey in the Palmetto State as long-time incumbent James Clyburn, Democrat, has a challenger for his congressional seat Anthony Culler, a Republican, is running to unseat the third highest ranking Democrat in the United States House of Representatives.

Here’s the rub. Mr. Culler has been caught, or maybe not, with his pants down around his ankles per the LGBTQ Community, referring to said as ‘Gremlins’ and ‘Bullies’. And while there’s still free speech in this nation one has to wonder when are we gonna get to the issues that matter to the voters?

When are we gonna quit worrying about what’s going on behind the clearly closed doors of our neighbors and our best friends? And get to the real hearts of the matter? Jobs? Economy? Healthcare? Education? Security? Financial Freedom? Sound Money? An Accountable Congress? An Accountable Federal Reserve System? Etc.

To be sure Jim Clyburn has been in Washington on behalf of the people of his congressional district for over twenty years. That’s a century to you and me. Some would argue that that is long enough. Go home! Give somebody else a chance. You’ve had your moment in the political sun. And its been fun. But and respectfully Anthony Culler is who we are expected to replace him with? I was already tuned out and turned off the minute I heard he started trashing my fellow brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community.

Personally, if it were left up to me, I’d vote for ‘None of the Above’ when I went into the South Carolina voting booth on November the 4th.

Culler is right about one thing folks! In that state the people have had their fill of Mr. Clyburn. He, according to them, spends more time in Washington than he does in his own congressional district.

You say well he’s the 3rd highest Democrat in the Congress man! He has duties and responsibilities which keep him away more than he likes. And such is, partly, the case. But Culler is right to call attention to the fact that a majority of the people say that Clyburn has had his time in Washington and now its time for him to go home.

But he is wrong for calling gay people bullies and gremlins man! That’s the bottom line.

SO, on November the 4th South Carolina Voter you go to the polls and you send a message to Mr. Clyburn and Mr. Culler, VOTE, VOTE for ‘None of the Above’. Thank you!

GOP Candidate’s Anti-Gay Facebook Rant Calls Gay People Gremlins, Bullies.


[Political NEWS] Townhall: Paid Handsomely for Ugly Behavior

What, I wonder, would be the odds of a major political figure in the United States of America going to jail for ‘questionable behavior’? Good morning.

Please click on the link below to read my buddy Mr. Paul Jacob’s latest column on such. Its really, really good. Thank you friends. Be well

Townhall: Paid Handsomely for Ugly Behavior.


Invisible Illness MCS

Rhett E. Column, #SayWhatNews, #AXJ:

From one of my #dystonia friends…

Originally posted on Of Storms and Peace:

I finally got over my writer’s block for this piece I was trying to write for and invisible illness project. I don’t know if it will suit their needs, so thought I would post it here as well.

As soon as the door of the Doctor’s office opened I was hit by a wall of smells making all my symptoms instantly worse. I gritted my teeth and went on in and waited uncomfortably for my name to be called. The minutes seemed to drag on forever. I just wanted to hurry up and be done so I could escape back outside into the fresh air.

You see, I have an invisible illness. It’s called MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) it’s often misunderstood and under recognized. It causes fatigue, pain, migraines, and breathing problems to name a few… For me, it is also a trigger to make my twitches and spasms of…

View original 781 more words

[Petition NEWS] Sign the petition to Lowe’s and Home Depot: Stop selling plants with bee-killing pesticides!

Sign the petition to Lowe’s and Home Depot: Stop selling plants with bee-killing pesticides!

Bee pollinating flower

Lowe’s, Home Depot and other garden retailers are selling plants labeled as “bee-friendly,” leading customers to believe they’re helping bee populations thrive. However, our allies over at Friends of the Earth just released a study that reveals that more than half of these plants actually contain a pesticide that can harm or kill bees.

We need to get these bee-killing plants off store shelves. In order to do that, we’re combining forces with our allies and partners across the country to demand action. The plan is to deliver hundreds of thousands of petitions to Lowe’s and Home Depot next week.

Sign the petition to Lowe’s and Home Depot: Stop selling plants with bee-killing pesticides!.