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dystonia dialogue

A Question(s) for My #DystoniaAwareness Friends.. #Dystonia #DefeatDystoniaDisease #MedicalMarijuana

dystoniascreengrab 2014

Screen Grab from the Dystonia Foundation … (Make September Dystonia Awareness Month)

PADUCAH, Kentucky – Primarily I’d like to hear from my Dystonia friends tonight but the question(s) I have are open. Meaning anyone outside of them is welcome to answer it as well. As a civil society we are better off with all points of view anyways, right?

I wondered tonight, posed the question(s) earlier on twitter today, “Where do you all stand on med. #marijuana? Helpful of harmful for #dystonia?” So far, I’ve only heard from one of my friends. So far.

medusagrass 2014

A Medical Medusa overlaid a Marijuana Leaf …

Medical marijuana has cured, in fact its base, rather the marijuana plant’s base, THC has been known to cure thousands if not hundreds of thousands of diseases, cancers, seizures and more. Science, medicine are that much farther down the road of advancement toward the wonder-working power of this little green plant. It is, for all intents and purposes the peanut of its day.

madamecurie, 2014

Madame Marie Curie …

The late great Dr. George Washington Carver and Madame Marie Curie herself would dare to live to experiment on such a plant. Science and medicine herself are still unlocking its little green doors long after the bones of both such medical and scientific geniuses have passed from this life to the next.

So I’m wondering with the clearly devastating effects that this disease, dystonia, has on millions around the world, where my friends would stand on the encroachment of such a subject, such a possibility? Would the Dystonia Community be open to treatment of this disease by way of the cannabis plant and its component THC?

Leave me a comment guys.

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Book Recommendation, In The Light of Ebola Epidemic …

Northeastern AFRICA – Newsmax Magazine On line REPORTS that the World Health Organization says they will see 10,000 Ebola Cases a week before December 1 this year. Unbelievable, if true!

ebola virus, 2014

A multiplied microscopic picture of the Ebola virus in a person’s blood stream, 2014 …

In light of that fact and other far more mitigating circumstances I thought it invaluable, prudent to share a MUST GET, MUST READ book with you all today. “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?” By Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D.,M.P.H. ..

emerging viruses, 2014

The Holy Grail of Information, Education & Decision …

This book will open your eyes, your heart, your mind, your soul and your spirit to how the Governments of the United States and the World do business in your and my good name. Especially in light of the goings on in Africa, Mother Africa …

africa, 2014

Continent of Africa … Mother Africa I’m deeply sorry that the White Man is STILL raping you… #StopRapingAfrica

Stop Raping Africa! Stop killing her people with infection, disease, famine, flood, pestilence, and more! More importantly CDC and World Health Organization STOP Experimenting on Us! Stop experimenting on Animals! It’s just craziness. Madness. The CDC and World Health Organization have inflicted and infected more hurt, harm and danger upon the world, at the behest of the United States of America, than any other “civic-minded,” organizations the world over. And that’s not saying much.

Arm your selves with the truth. Gird well your mind, and heart with the knowledge of the written and very well-informed words of Dr. Horowitz TO DAY. Thank you for reading. Follow and Share My Blog or Like this post below.



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#Blog: “Support #DystoniaAwareness Month: A #WeThePeople #petition..” By Rhett E. Column; #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress

dystoniascreengrab 2014

Screen Grab from the Dystonia Foundation … (Make September Dystonia Awareness Month) ..

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Recently I made some new social media friends, The Dystonia Foundation of America. The friendship has been my honor and my privilege to make. They have proved informative, educational and positive as we work toward both a cure and informing the World of this DISEASE.

Simply put and simply stated Dystonia disease is a neurological disease. Much like that of ALS or  Lou Gehrig’s disease. Often times crippling. Often times fatal. It renders our fellow human beings useless in so many ways and it is unfortunate.

My new social media friends reached out to me through twitter, and it has been a budding friendship ever since. But our interests in each other doesn’t end there. Instead I have decided to join arms with my new friends to  petition President Obama to make the Month of September National #DystoniaAwareness Month!

Although cures for this disease are rare and still limited in scope they are becoming more advanced as science and technology catches up with it. It is my sincere hope and fervent prayer that all who read this posting will join with us. Link arms. And work together to both fight this disease and make the World well aware of it. Thank you for your time and consideration always. Follow this and other blogs anytime here or to the right side of the post.



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Color of Change

REMOVE or RESIGN: Attorney Bob McCullouch MUST GO! #Ferguson, #JusticeForMikeBrown

Big Mike Brown

Michael Brown, Jr. …

FERGUSON TOWNSHIP, MO. — Early this morning I sat down at my computer and began to look up contact information for Missouri State Government Leadership.

The Reason: Justice for Mike Brown, Jr.

Once found I went to MoveOn.org and started this formal petition. Started, in this way, We, the undersigned of this petition are calling for Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to REMOVE Saint Louis Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCullouch from the adjudication of the Michael Brown, Jr. Case, for biases and prejudices, OR for Governor Nixon to RESIGN immediately for dereliction of duty, as Governor, by a failure to act as requested on behalf of the People of his State and in particular the Citizenship of Ferguson Township, MO. and Saint Louis County, MO. Michael Brown, Jr.’s funeral is going on right now as I right this blog post. Soon his family will officially lay their child to rest but the FACT REMAINS there has been no justice. No arrest of Officer Darren Wilson. No voluntary recusal of Attorney McCullouch. WHY?

There is no rhyme or reason for this injustice. Or for the simple, honorable requests of the Citizens of Ferguson and Saint Louis County to not be honored. For the death of Michael Brown, Jr. to be not in vain. Soon enough the media circus will pack up their clown cars, megaphones, and big top tents and move on to the next salacious story but Michael Brown, Jr.’s family and friends will remain. Injustice will remain, IF. Unless and until we as a Concerned Collective rise up in one accord agreement and make the Powers that Be in Jefferson City, MO. to LISTEN this injustice will remain unanswered.

Not to long ago I called upon the Citizens of Ferguson, Concerned Citizens of Missouri to MARCH 2 Jefferson City and take the petitions that they had originally signed for Attorney McCullouch to recuse himself from the Michael Brown Case voluntarily because of very real and serious concerns.

To give you a bit of background: Last week Citizens of Ferguson, Concerned Citizens of Missouri took those recusal petitions to Attorney McCullouch in Clayton, MO., to the Saint Louis County Courthouse, but and initially the citizens were denied entry into the courthouse by Clayton Police. Can you imagine? Denied access, denied entry into a public building? Their courthouse. Access denied. Justice delayed, is justice denied!

WHY? Answer: The powers that be just want this to go away. The death of Michael Brown, Jr., while tragic, is really not that big of a deal to them, after all it wasn’t their white child that was killed by police. Not that much to be overly concerned about. Frankly, and respectfully, “one less N***er to have to deal with and take care of in the world. Next. …” This, I promise you, is the attitude. The true and right approach of governance. Of leadership in the Show Me State. Because, and believe it or not, Missouri is STILL a, “Southern State”. Racism. Racists. ALL still abide. Bottom line. And unless and until we as a Concerned Collective remove it from the root. Remove it from our presence it will remain. It will abide and abound. Growing in exponential power.

And so Concerned Collective the Work of Justice IS NOT DONE. The Work of #JusticeForMikeBrown remains unfinished. His remains, though laid to rest, will not rest in peace until there is an answer given for his senseless death. Are you prepared to do the work? We welcome you openly.

Until then, “Good night and good luck #Ferguson …”


‘Derived from the consent of the governed.’ The Federal Building & US Courthouse in Paducah, Ky. What happened?

federal building in paducah, ky.

United States Courthouse and Federal Building in Paducah, Ky. ..

PADUCAH, Kentucky – It used to be that when one walked into the U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building at 501 Broadway in Paducah, Ky. you could see just about anyone. A judge. A clerk. A U.S. Secret Service Agent. Even an Agent with the F.B.I. It mattered not. You didn’t need an appointment. Didn’t need to get expressed written permission. Donate a kidney. You could, eons ago, walk in to the federal building and courthouse for the United States of America’s Department of Justice and see anybody and his brother.

Because everybody knew everybody, everybody was local. You ate dinner with the judge and breakfast with the U.S. Attorney for this court system. This district! Now, today, not so much.

Federal bankruptcy court conducted …

Last Friday I had to go to the courthouse for a meeting and to pick up some paperwork but because I didn’t have a ‘necessary pre-authorization’ to enter the building and specifically see someone, per the check-in station at the front door, I had to practically sign my life away with the duty desk for this once mighty oak in the recesses of the Ship of State. WHY? Answer: Who Am I? Why Me?

rec 2014 selfie

Yours Truly… Rhett E. Column; #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress Correspondent …

Not to brag but ages and ages hence, long before Tuesday, 11 September 2001 I might add, I used to be somebody. Used to be able to walk right in the front door of places not unlike this one, without a ‘necessary pre-authorization’ notice, walk up to the second floor or hit the button on the main elevator to the top two floors and go see Judge So in So or U.S. Attorney So in So. And it mattered not what they may or may not be doing because 9 out of 10 times they were free and readily available to meet and speak to, despite the workload.

a working judge, 2014 ...

A Judge At Work …

So, I wonder what happened? Where did we go wrong? Who Am I? Why Me?

Just some of the many questions I have for the powers that be within our judicial system. Now I realize that I may not get to many answers. May get no answers at all given the fact that these days there’s been a U-Haul truck parked out back on the dock at the R.F.K. Main Justice Building these days.

‘Bedroom bookshelf right Mr. Holder?’

And so it goes…

But if I can’t get in my courthouse without giving the check-in guys a kidney imagine what it must be like for others.

It’s not an exacting quote but based on this speech and many others before and since this speech I should, anybody should, be able to get into my federal courthouse without having to give my blood type. Bottom line.

Yet, still and all that’s not the case! I am still, years later, years after the FACT that SEAL Team 6 put one in the head and two in the chest of the ‘Most Wanted and Hated Man in the Free World’ unable to gain access without ‘pre-authorization’.

obl photo 2010

Osama bin Laden …

WHY? I would venture to say, hazard a guess, whistle past the graveyard of discontent and say Mr. bin Laden has little to do with it. In fact I’d say it has to do with the fact that my wife has had her civil and human rights rooked from her by our United States Federal Government and I give more than a tinkers damn about it and because I do give more than a tinkers damn about it I am made to be persona non grad da down at the courthouse. Made to feel less than because I didn’t phone ahead according to their records. ‘Unaware of my supposed meeting and picking up of paperwork.’

truth meme 2014

A Mural of Truth …

And so it goes…

So while it is true that the United States Federal Building and Courthouse at 501 Broadway in Paducah, Ky. is but a shell of its once former glory. Such is not the case for lacking. It is because I am doing all I can to remind the so-called ‘powers that be’ that ‘power, truly is, derived from the consent of the governed.’



[Human Condition NEWS] In Pictures: The toll on Gaza’s children – In Pictures – Al Jazeera English

All of us have heard the expression, “You outta be in pictures…” Recently Al Jazeera English took that to a whole new level.

Below is the start of a formal expose of the families and children of Gaza after 3 years of perpetual war.

When is enough going to be enough?

In Pictures: The toll on Gaza’s children – In Pictures – Al Jazeera English.

#StopBombingOurChildren #TheChildrenAndFamiliesOfGaza #GazaStrip #Palestine



libertarian logo, 2014

#HomeStretch … #VoteBetter, #VoteSmarter, #VoteLibertarian in 2014 Just to Piss off the Establishment!

patterson truth meme, 2014

The David Patterson TRUTH Meme … Courtesy of the David Patterson for United States Senate 2014 Facebook Page & Campaign … http://www.david4senate.com

HARRODSBURG, Kentucky – This is the last best posting for today, since yesterday. And its to do with a follow-up on my series for U.S. Senate Candidate David Patterson here in Kentucky.

David, as you all know by now, is the 2014 Libertarian Candidate for United States Senate and he is being blacked out. CENSORED.

CENSORED by an Establishment, an Elite Ruling Class that is in its last hell-bent throes for power. Desperate to hang on to the last best vestiges of a bygone era of doing business and holding court over you and I.

Last night two of the six candidates for United States Senate here in Kentucky debated on Kentucky Educational Television (K.E.T.) for a little over an hour. Being careful, since it was their first, last, and only publicly televised debate, to do damage to each other but with reverent honor and distinction for the institution known as the United States Senate.

Grimes and McConnell got it on, so to speak, for all the marbles. Leaving nothing to chance. No political stone left unturned. No mountain top, peak or and perhaps even valley left uncharted.

And if you were an establishment person, an institution person McConnell and Grimes both did you proud. And now, now its up to you to decide. To get out and vote! Go to the polls and vote for your establishment candidate of choice. Home stretch and all. ‘Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain.’


Former Boston Braves Greats Warren Spahn & Johnny Sain …

That like the Boston Braves greats of old that somehow the Establishment, the Ruling Class of the Political Day has attempted to Spawn an Insane protactinium theory that McConnell and Lundergan-Grimes is all that there is under the bright sunshine of ‘Our Old Kentucky Home’ to choose from. That, that is it. That’s all. You, you just have to, well, I don’t think anyone but these two could demonstrate any better what it is that you are supposed to do on November the 4th 2014 fellow voter …

Team Mitch 2014

Former McConnell 2014 Campaign Manager Jesse R. Benton (left) and incumbent U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican-Kentucky (right)

Especially here in the Bluegrass State anyways…

That yeah, you know its painful. Like anything we had hoped to have you someone to choose from this year. We gave it the old college try in Primary 2013-2014 boy, we truly and surely did, but try as we may, try as we might we just couldn’t find anyone else any better than McConnell and Grimes, Grimes and McConnell. So, so that’s it. And so you’ll just have to go into the voting booth or up to your favorite electronic voting machine, and cast your lot with McConnell or Grimes.

This, this third-party stuff man, listen you, you just don’t wanna fool with any of that stuff man! Why you’ll just be a wastin’ your time is all. Not only that you’ll be a wastin’ your vote, thrownin’ it a way BIG TIME! And you don’t wanna do somethin’ as thick-headed as that now do ya? Well do ya?!

Third party vote smird thardy vote. Independent Kentucky, ha that’s a laugh! Sounds more like Kentucky horse pucky ta me is all. And it should be ta you too!

WHY, why a vote for one uh them guys and u’ll just be a votin’ for the guy, oh shucks I mean gal, that you, I mean us, I mean we, really don’t want up in their anyways. Sides she’ll just set Kentucky back 50 years in the Senatorial process ole Alison will. Just like Mitch has been a tryin’ ta tell us is all. Listen he’s, he’s established up there. Brings home the bacon and stuff. And if you cast your lot with Alison it’ll just leave ole Rand Paul up there all by his lonesome and you really don’t wanna do that to good ole Doc Rand Paul now do ya? Well do ya?!

Well alright then.. So c’mon now, let’s get this here thing ta gether, hold your nose, I mean,vote for Mitch McConnell for 6 more years, shut up about it and go away. Mitch u’ll decide, he’ll decide for himself whilst he’s up in Washington a representin’ you and me whether or not he wants ta re tire.

Sides he’s elderly and he needs more time to think! And 30 more, I mean six more years to decide a what he wants ta do is plenty a time.

And so it goes… Or so they want for it to go anyways!

But and alas you and I do have a choice. Choices galore when we go into that voting booth or approach that favorite electronic voting machine or even the old paper ballot on November the 4th… Especially here in Kentucky!

We have every opportunity. Every chance to change and in fact shift the political para dime on its very axis.

That is why between now and November the 4th 2014 I invite and encourage you to get to know the other, other guy. The little guy or gal that doesn’t have that D or R attached to their name.

That is not bought, sold, and traded to the highest Koch Brothers bid. That doesn’t pick up the phone and hit 1 for David Bossie every time a vote to REPEAL ‘Citizens United’ comes up in the United States Senate.

bossie msnbc photo

Mr. David Bossie, President and Founder of the Citizens United Group …

Someone that won’t be ‘beholden to the special interests in Washington’ truly! And that’s for real.

Across the country and throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky a slew of third-party candidates exists and is waiting for your vote!

SO, this year, this November the 4th, “Election Day 2014 in America”. VOTE! V-O-T-E… #VoteBetter, #VoteSmarter and #VoteLibertarian just to piss off the Establishment! #SeeYouAtThePolls

Until then, “Good night and good luck fellow voter…”



#blog: “How the establishment won the battle BUT, they didn’t win the war…” #kysen #votebetter #votesmarter #votelibertarian

McConnell-Grimes 2014

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican-Kentucky and KY Secretary of State Alison Lundergan-Grimes, Democrat-Kentucky, Fancy Farm, Getty Images 2014

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – Their debate has just concluded but the war has just begun.

They met for an hour tonight. One-on-one under the klieg lights of Kentucky Educational Television’s, “Comment on Kentucky” hosted by Bill Goodman.

It was, nearly, everything, we have come to  expect from these two. Not unlike that of  Douglas ‘Wrong Way’ Corrigan. Always flying high, flying fast, but flying in the wrong direction.

And so it goes…

But I’m deeply troubled and frankly ashamed of our state’s Public Broadcaster,  Kentucky Educational Television (K.E.T.).

KET Logo 2014

Kentucky Educational Television (K.E.T.) Logo …

Just like ‘Wrong Way’ Corrigan they too have been flying high, flying fast and flying, most certainly, in the wrong direction.

Clearly the battle lines have been drawn. The Kentucky long-knives are out. The political establishment is entrenched, dug-in, and well-heeled to a fault. You see, they are stuck with these two candidates. Lundergan-Grimes and McConnell.

But hey! You gotta dance with the one that brung ya, right?

Truth be told neither political party standard-bearer between Frankfort, KY. and Washington, D.C. really and truly wanted these two candidates.

With McConnell the Grand Old Party had hoped that after 30 years in the United States Senate he would just figure its time to retire. ‘I’ve accomplished, truthfully, all I can here.’ With the exception of Majority Leader. A feat that hasn’t been achieved by a politician from the Bluegrass State since, Alben W. Barkley, former Congressman, U.S. Senator and former Vice President of the United States of America from Paducah, KY. U.S.A..

McConnell wishes to have his name, his political bona-fide as it were, contrasted and compared with Mr. Barkley but from the Republican side of the ledger. He’s done everything that he can or ever could to achieve such a feat. To obtain such a lofty goal. But time and memorial such has eluded him. He’s like the Chicago Cubs of Politics. Because to be Majority Leader of the United States Senate amounts to winning the World Series. It is a powerful position. Barkley himself made it a National Institution. Seconded only, so they say by, a fella named Lyndon Baines Johnson. Surely, you’ve heard of him, haven’t you?

McConnell wants his name on a U.S. Senate Office Building or wing somewhere. Can you imagine? Addressing a letter to U.S. Senator so-in-so in McConnell Senate Office Building? This is what he wants. Up there with the greats like Sam Rayburn.  Richard Russell.  Philip Hart.

RSOB, 2014 Photo

The Russell Senate Office Building …

McConnell needs that, much to the chagrin of the establish in both Frankfort and Washington, D.C. Chief amongst the cha-grinners is U.S. Senator John Cornyn, Republican-Texas.

John Cornyn, in his own humble estimations has well-earned his stripes. Well-earned his bona fides himself. After all keeping John McCain hosed down and Ted Cruz under control is a full-time job in and of it self.

So John Cornyn feels he’s due. A lot of people feel he’s due. And maybe, just maybe he is. BUT not in Addison Mitchell McConnell, Jr.’s right honorable mind. McConnell feels like this is it. If I don’t get this done. If I don’t pull this off then I’m finished, politically. And maybe he is. Maybe he should be?

To begin to just wind things down, bow out gracefully, look for the exits. Going out, on top.

Matt Bevin …

And during the 2013-2014 Republican Primary they thought, thought now, that they had found someone who would show Mitch McConnell the exits. Matt Bevin had it all. Looks. Charm. Personality. Charisma. All the things that Mitch McConnell needs wrapped up in a pulse. #justsayin

Bevin was supposed to be the one. But like so many before and no doubt so many after, until McConnell himself decides its time to leave, Matt Bevin, succumbed to the political juggernaut that is Mitch McConnell.

And so it goes…

The Democratic Party, both nationally and state-wide, in Kentucky has long feared of a candidate for high office who is all hat and no cattle.

grimes ky derby photo, 2013

Kentucky Barbie 2014

And in Kentucky Secretary of State and 2014 Candidate for United States Senate Alison Lundergan-Grimes they’ve got that and more.

Try as they may, try as they might though they couldn’t get rid of her. Ashley Judd be damned. Lundergan-Grimes family name and husband is entirely to synonymous with state politics.  Her father, former Kentucky State Representative Jerry Lundergan, is both an asset and a liability. He just is. Sweet man BUT the all hat, no cattle apple don’t fall to far from the tree.

So they are stuck with the difference. And the difference, politically socially and ecumenically, couldn’t be more telling. More compellingly due to speak out against. In my opinion anyways, and I dare say a whole lot more.

And so the establishment thinks that they have one. That Libertarian Candidate for United States Senate, David Patterson, 2014 is all done. ‘Ain’t gonna see him no more.’

Peace Officer David Patterson

Mr. David Patterson, Libertarian Candidate for United States Senate, Kentucky 2014

He will just dry up and blow away. In state-wide polls that we conduct, we control, etc., his name is never ever mentioned even if we do talk to the ‘occasional supporter’ we don’t record their answers to phone polls correctly. So there’s that.

Cook the books as much as we can. Batten down the hatches. Yeah! We should be able to survive this one.

We are only gonna do one BIG DEBATE anyways, that was tonight, and we are just gonna play that aged-old game of ignore and snore as much as we can when it comes to Patterson. ‘Yeah you know its tough, I guess, to be a third-political-party-type person never ever feel like you are being heard from. Always feelin’ left out. It’s tough. But I’m just gonna run my race, do my best to win and go on and represent the people, all the people of Kentucky, in the United States Senate.’

And so it goes…

But I am here to tell you, here to conclude that although the battle, this battle is over with, the war to be heard, to be represented and reflect the will of the people, all of the people across the Commonwealth, isn’t!

Liberty. Freedom. Information. Knowledge. Peace. ALL are STILL HERE. STILL standing. STILL strong! We represent a Movement far greater than any one candidate. Any one ideal. Party. Faction. Fraction. We Represent Us. We The People of the United States of America REPRESENT a clear-cut majority of individuals bathed in the sunlight of disinfectant from your wanton political ways and means.

Try as you may, try as you might you cannot silence us. We are to many in number. To many in stature. Standing. Community.

We are E. Pluribus Unum. Out of many one! One nation. One voice. One Collective. And we declare war on you. War on the Establishment. War with a people, if you want to call them that, that are truly in their last throes. Their last days on this earth. Their last moment in the sun.

We have the power. We hold all the cards. They know it. They know that we know this. And it scares and pisses them off at the same time. They are loosing control. They have been waging an unwinnable war against. Living out a dream that is fast fading from memory. There time is done!



libertarian logo, 2014

#Vote #VoteBetter #VoteSmarter #VoteLibertarian … See you at the polls on November the 4th 2014!

Gatewood’s Legacy Radio 10/02 by babycoaldust | Entertainment Podcasts

Good morning faithful! I just wanted to share a great online radio program with you all this morning, that I highly recommend you following.

Its called Gatewood’s Legacy:


It is in honor of the life’s work of our late friend and fellow patriot Louis G. ‘Gatewood’ Galibraith, I called him, a friend to all and a friend to the law. He was a native Kentuckian, born and bred, an advocate and a road scholar in life and hemp! Lol. Not to mention best friends with the man himself, Mr. Willie Nelson.

The radio program, “Gatewood’s Legacy” is a weekly online program done through BlogTalk Radio. You can check out a recent program HERE: Gatewood’s Legacy Radio 10/02 by babycoaldust | Entertainment Podcasts. Like & Follow Along!

Check out gatewoodslegacy.com and his Facebook Page HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/503459376413977/

We lost Gatewood in January of 2012 but his legacy and his work live on. I invite you to check out these outstanding people. Join us in the avocation and promotion of industrial hemp, medical marijuana and marijuana legalization for health and vitality, and Join Us in the Revolution to Freedom, Justice & Equality for All. Thank you and #RIPGatewood …



Cover Photo