‘A cult of personality’ – Is Hillary Clinton the New Jim Jones?

Rev. James W. ‘Jim’ Jones, founder and senior pastor of The People’s Temple Ministries, c. 1975

History repeats itself, often times in more ways than one. And in 2018 we will recall, reluctantly, a time when demented man of God Jim Jones lead nearly a 1,000 people to their deaths in November of 1978 in ‘Jonestown’ near Georgetown, Gianna.

Fast-forward to today, in 2016, and we are baring witness to thousands more being lead to their slaughter, politically, as they drink the kool-aide of Hillary Rodham-Clinton and her aspirations to become the first female President of the United States of America.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I began to write truth about where I stand on Mrs. Clinton and, for better or worse, how she has no business, again, at The White House as our president. Respectfully.

Within mere moments of my public service announcements I was rebuffed, in some cases vehemently, by the vast left-wing conspiracy for all things Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

Called everything from an ‘absolver’ to a ‘moron’ for posting the truth. And the truth is, Hillary Rodham-Clinton was, is, and always will be a two-bit political hustler. Just as Jim Jones was a psychopathic religious hustler.

A political and veritable ‘cult of personality’, and not in a good way.

Insulting and invading her way all the way to The White House.

And her supporters aren’t all that  far behind.

But we are told that these kinds of efforts, to tell the truth, are degrading and demeaning towards ‘women and girls’, especially those trying to get into politics, right?

And when you call her bluff, politically, well…then you get toned and tendered responses like this. Watch.

Or how about this little known expose’ classic?

But we’re told by those who drink and have continued to drink Vince Foster-Whitewater-blood-laced-kool-aide that it’s really all ‘process’.

And to simply ignore the obvious for obvious sake. Make no assumptions. Don’t believe ‘absolutely everything that you see and read on the ‘Internets’…that this is all just ‘process’. ‘Political gamesmanship in a national election year.’

And so it goes…

But here’s my protactinium theory on all this. Hillary Clinton is the New Jim Jones of this our modern-day political era.

Hillary ‘Jim Jones’ Clinton

Dark glasses and kool-aide dipping ladle in hand, ready to serve the arsenic-laced cauldron of political brew.

Feminists crave it. Admirers sweeten it up, almost every day. And those who know not what they do drink it. And as the poisoned allure courses through their veins, and there sets the Grand Political Dragoness herself, repeating, “it’s not worth another minute to live in this life friend, this cold, cruel, dark and dreary life friend…drink the poison, go on and drink it friend, a better life awaits” what, I wonder, is to become of our New American Century and the people in it?

— Rhett.


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WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

An excellent opportunity for networking and socialization, getting your message out there from my friend Opinionated Man…Check it out via the posting below. Tell um Rhett E. Column, Say What News?! sent cha!


Well this is the third post I have done like this so far and I have seen some great connections. I’ll keep doing these off and on and I think they provide a great way for “active bloggers” to network. This post now has over 2,000 active bloggers waiting to connect in it. I encourage anyone looking for new blogs to view or people to converse with to browse through the comment section and network.

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It’s Troubling: A Manifesto to the ‘We Want It All’ Ruling Class

To those willing to read: This post will take a bit for you to get through, BUT I promise you, you will get through it and come away wanting a far better way of life than the one that you have now…

“[The] Trail of Tears,” A painting, c. 2015…
The Faux Fo Pas, Politically Speaking:

If true, calls for the Revolution Leader Bernie Sanders to ‘drop out of the race’ for the Democratic candidacy for President of the United States of America in 2016 have begun in earnest now that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has inched herself ever more closer to becoming the defacto nominee of her party in two thousand and sixteen.

We’re told that calls such as these are normal, par for the course, etc. That it’s just political party bosses ‘sewing their oats’ and that since Mr. Sanders has built this grassroots movement, from the ground up for more than thirty years, and that’s nice and all, but look it Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee come hell or high water so you little revolutionaries, you millennials, who don’t vote anyways, at least not enough of you to matter on the regular,  you just need to set down, shut up and get in line behind Hillary Clinton okay, or else – we’ll talk about what that terminology “or else” means a little later on in the read.

You’ve had your moment in the sun, raised some seriously issues and concerns, but at the end of the day we need adults in the room to govern not little saggy pant wearing potheads with their fingers on the wheels of democracy. Such doesn’t play well with others, after all, in certain Cosmopolitan [European] circles.

“Angry,” Americans or Concerned Citizens?

And so it goes…

A Cautionary Tale about Revolution:

Revolution Leader Bernie Sanders is a nice old man, in his own way, were told. Is delivering a message of great social change(s) throughout America and the World, but this type of change(s) need to come slowly over space and time. That even Obama, when he first ran for the presidency of the United States in 2007,knew this, all to well. Or did he?

And us little people are reminded by those in authority over us, again and again, that these things are nice, make one feel really good deep down inside, but to just update your social media pages and forget all about it kids. Caution is the order of the day.

To ‘slow your roll’ or ‘pump your breaks’ their speed demon ‘Rome wasn’t built-in a day’ you know.

That these ideas are nice and all, but you can’t govern a nation and the free world in poetry, such takes prose or finesse Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have that finesse and would “make an excellent president, either one,” says the “political establishment,”watch:

And that the Revolution should go quietly into that long good night for your own (safety) good. That Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are the ones to choose from, choose from these and these only and keep your mouth shut.

And so that goes…

All Throughout History Though… (Revolution/Change comes with a price. Are you willing to pay? I am!):

Since the dawn of recorded history there has been revolution or social change for the better, starting with the Revolutions of 1848 throughout Europe. Costing many lives, to be sure, but bringing about change for the better.

  1. The idea that a ban of people, large or small, no matter the cost or the obstacles that stand in their way, are determined to bring about change. And, again, its change for the better.
  2. The idea that everyone has the right to be free, especially those who have paid their debt to society – so-called.
  3. The idea that everyone has the right to healthcare and should not be charged for it. (Because it’s universally the same. In other words the rich or wealthy elite get the same exact healthcare as the poorest amongst us.)
  4. The idea that everyone has the right to a decent livable wage. (Bernie Sanders and others call [Fight] for $15 an hour and a Union to represent the worker…)
  5. The idea that you will be treated freely, fairly and equally no matter ‘what you look like or who you love.
  6. The idea that you will be treated fairly in an open court of law. (Regardless of race, color, creed, ethnic or national origins, etc.)
  7. The idea that as a woman you have the same rights as a man, and should be regarded with the same respect.

These ideas, while abstract to some, are in no ways new to others. Remember they’ve been around since 1848 Europe.

They are the things that human beings have been asking for since the Tower of Babel, in terms of communication and respect.

The idea that “No man is an island unto himself,”that we are “all in this together;” politically, socially and ecumenically. No one is better than the other. No idea is best overall. No one concept is better than the rest are. We are. Life is a  Collective Effort. When one of us hurts all of us hurts, and we should all be concerned about that. Watch.

And the idea that the elite and ruling class of this world cannot have it all. They do not own the world because the world belongs to us all, freely and equally.

Such an idea, such a notion scares the hell out of the establishment, here’s proof of that.

But this is just nuance, process or the tone and tenor of otherwise spirited debate on the campaign trail. Not unlike this I suppose from 2007?

But and again it could just be ,as they say, “all a part of the [political] process???” Or so they say.

And no one is to question these idioms of political process because a fear is instilled whenever questions arise through the rank and file of the people, by design to distract and deflect the people away from the truth. Not unlike that of the 9/11 attacks.

Watergate  or the Iran-Contra affair.

Left to Right: Photos from the September 11th 2001 attacks, former Americans President Richard M. Nixon and the Watergate hotel complex in Washington, D.C. USA and former Lt. Col. Oliver North testifying, openly, at the Iran-Contra hearings in the 1980’s (photos courtesy of Wikipedia pages on these controversies and or catastrophic events in American [political] history)….
Known as false flags. They are conspiratorial in nature like the ones that online personalities the likes of Alex Jones and his infamous InfoWars and Prison Planet websites and that of Dr. Michael Savage and his Savage Nation talk radio program espouse. Or even that of WorldNetDaily and its controversial editor and chief Joe Farah,  which [again] are designed to distract and deflect the free world from the truth of the matter – whatever that matter or matters may or may not be.

In any case these are matters of the state that are long overdue to be settled no matter what the establishment might say or lead the public at large to believe. Because the public at large largely doesn’t believe them. Doesn’t buy into the official story.

Mr. Andrew J. Breitbart (1969-2012) …

(Even the late great Andrew Breitbart and his infamous Breitbart News got their start in the land of conspiracy theory, false flag and conjecture before they went mainstream news organization on the masses not long after Mr. Breitbart’s demise.)

So We the People should just ignore the questions that we have free-flowing in our minds and skip right to the answers, right to the proverbial climatic ending because this is all very easily explained by those in the know IF we just give ourselves over to the answers, willingly of course.

And we must be willing. And when one is not willing then he is not a willing convert to the easily explained now is he/she?

This is all very easily explained.

And so it goes…

A Manifesto…A (friendly piece of advice) Warning:

We’re told by our media, political pundits and talking heads to not ever venture down the rabbit hole; politically, socially or ecumenically. To stay strictly away from the truth of the matter. Else will live to regret it “if you live long enough to do so,” as our Mama’s used to say to us whenever we misbehaved as children. Right?

Warning signs, roadblocks and distractions from the truth are put up all around us. Books. Movies. Television.

Leaving it up to us to decide as to whether or not we want to quote unquote “buy in to the notion” of this that or the other thing. Some do. Largely though, some don’t. And it’s really all up to the beholder of the information that is in front of them, clearly, as to whether or not they want to believe it or not, accept or reject it or not, but always with the WARNING always with the caveat: Do not venture down this rabbit hole of conspiracy because you will live to regret it [maybe].

But here’s the thing:

The Elite cannot have it all, because there’s plenty to go around – for all of us.

You read that right my fellow American, my fellow free Western Worlder. There is plenty to go around. Plenty of natural resources. Plenty of finances. Plenty of healthcare. Education. Transportation and the like to go around. Enough in fact to circle our globe multiple times over IF you are willing to give yourself over to the truth or the axiom of the Native American which reads:

“Take only what you need and leave the rest as you found it…”

It was both a warning and a friendly request to the early American settlers of the 16 and 1700’s that their were/are plenty of natural resources to go around just don’t abuse the privileges that Mother Earth has bestowed upon us all. But through the advent of social privilege and the social climate of the day most of the white European settlers forgot that warning, willingly, and proceeded to take and take and take some more.

nathan rothschild

Greed and selfish behavior is the problem and it will always be the problem until the problem is gotten rid of by the Peoples of this World.

And the absolute best example of where I can find, where I can look to for a much-needed repeat of history is in that of the assassination and slaughter of the brutal Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his Italian Socialist Party henchmen. Drug through the streets of present-day Milan, Italy he was drawn and quartered by the People of Italy in April of 1945. A fitting end to an otherwise brutal, brutal man.

Italian Socialist Party Leader and brutal dictator Benito Mussolini (highlighted second from left) hanging from the rafters of a gas station in present-day Milan, Italy (photo courtesy of Wikipedia, 2016)…

Mussolini’s death is  a case study of what many, if not all, of our world leadership needs to endure. .

We have a duty to ourselves and our posterity to preserve what we can while it is still here. So as to replenish our natural supply. Otherwise people such as the Rothschild family, the Rockefeller family,  and many others will continue to take what is rightfully ours, the Peoples of this Earth’s.

We are our own best friend or our own worst enemy folks…Choice is yours, a decision has to be made before it is too late. I’ve made mine. Care to join me?


The most underrated Founding Father: Oliver Ellsworth?

Good afternoon! An excellent read from the Constitutional Center and a fellow blogger on Sir Oliver Ellsworth, a Founding Father here in the US and one of our first US Supreme Court Justices as well as author to the Great Compromise of 1788. Read. Comment and share the wealth on this epic, unsung, hero of Modern-Day America; Oliver Ellsworth of Connecticut…


Give Me Liberty

This is from Constitution Center.org.

On the anniversary of Oliver Ellsworth’s birth, Constitution Daily looks back an important founder who helped forge a compromise that led to the Constitution, and later played important roles in the early Senate and Supreme Court.


Ellsworth was born on April 29, 1745 in Windsor, Connecticut. From a prominent New England family, Ellsworth began his education at Yale and finished at Princeton, where he started the American Whig-Cliosophic Society along with fellow students Luther Martin and William Paterson. (Other early members included James Madison, Aaron Burr and Henry Lee.)

He quickly became a successful lawyer and then became involved in the Revolutionary War, serving in the Continental Congress.  Ellsworth was also a judge in Connecticut.

Ellsworth played a very active role in the Constitutional Convention in 1787 in Philadelphia. According to Madison’s records, Ellsworth spoke frequently at the Convention.  And Ellsworth won a debate over dropping…

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John McCain’s Fundraiser Busted for a Meth Lab With LSD, Coke, Heroin and Counterfeit Cash @alternet

The Honorable John S. McCain

The campaign promptly threw the former staffer under the nearest bus.

Source: John McCain’s Fundraiser Busted for a Meth Lab With LSD, Coke, Heroin and Counterfeit Cash @alternet

The Inevitable End of Inevitability

BURLINGTON, Vermont – The rumors of Vermont Senator and 2016 Democratic candidate for President Bernie Sanders demise have been greatly exaggerated.

At this hour and all day today rumors have been rampant that Mr. Sanders is ‘thinking very seriously’ of conceding the 2016 Democratic primary to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ‘because the odds are vastly overwhelming’ for him when it comes to ‘matching Mrs. Clinton’s lead in the race for delegates with her win Tuesday in the New State Democratic primary.’ Someone dig a hole now and pronounce kindly words over Bernie Sanders chances of winning the White House for 2016, why don’t you? Not!


And as the media scrum to declare an end to the 2016 primary process and move on to the general election or Trump v. Clinton 2016 continues all concerned would do well to remember that this process is not over. No mainstream political party candidate has reached the required number of delegates, for their respective political party, to secure the nomination for the fall and the general election process, none. And there is a distinctly strong possibility that none will by the time Democrat and Republican Party Conventions roll around in June and July of 2016…– Media knows this, the politicians running to be the next leader of the free world know this, yet and still though we have fait accompli’s like this earlier today. Watch.

Here’s Where I stand on this video: I’m confused (head scratchily confused) … On the one hand Rules Matter, the 2008 democratic process matters, BUT on the other hand math matters too! Main and alternative news media is a skewed with this idea, this notion that Hillary Clinton has a turn in this process, that she is quote, unquote “the inevitable nominee”. Yet and still we have known ‘irregularities’ with the voting process in New York State and in particular New York City where NBC and its parent company Comcast are housed. Petitions and news reports abound throughout the ‘Internets’ on the loomed large question of request for an audit. Yet we have Mrs. Mitchell-Greenspan in a one-on-one set down interview with Mr. Sanders, above, asking him whether or not he’ll ‘concede, unite his voters with Mrs. Clinton’s if (fill in the blank thereafter)’….With all due respect to Andrea Mitchell-Greenspan and her question she can go to hell on the FACT that the New York primary process is in highly suspected question as to the results! Follow the news much Andrea or were you absent the day they taught journalism at journalism school?

Ever since the heir of inevitability began way back when, we all remember that right, for Mrs. Clinton time after time in contest after contest of either Democratic primaries or caucuses there’s been allegations of cheating, voter purgement, lying, etc. to emerge and Mrs. Clinton and her campaign or surrogates names have been mentioned or brought into the sunlight of disinfectant every time.

In this sort of giant guffaw; the media, talking heads, pollsters and pundits alike have deliberately and effectually ignored the voters pleadings of; disenfranchisement, disgruntlement and out-and-out disgust over the 2016 primary process.

Although its disgust over the Democratic primary process for 2016 primarily  – especially how the vote went down in New York State on Tuesday – the media has been largely and abundantly silent on these troubling concerns.

And there’s a reason for that. Watch.

They don’t want it known that Mrs. Clinton has been put in the Crosshairs of Anonymous.

Rendering her EXPOSED for the fraud that she is. (Watch here.)

And you’ll most definitely want to watch this video after you watch those videos/links above:

As long as I live and breathe [on this earth] Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton  and her family will never ever see The White House as anything other than what they are seeing it as right now: A living, breathing monument to history.

Ornamental, no longer functional. Window dressing to a thank-God-bi-gone ERROR in our political history. Something to be seen and not heard, not even touched like this demoniacal possessed doll below.-Thus an appropriate ending to inevitability, under glass case of history, as she should be, respectfully. 




Here’s why the 1st Amendment in America is not as free as it used to be

So I’m checking my email yesterday afternoon when I came across a petition from, “my friends” at the Daily Kos, Mr. Markos Moulitsas website. It was a petition to my United States Senator and Majority Leader of that Governing body, Mitch McConnell, concerning hearings and Up or Down votes in the United States Senate for Federal Judge Merrick B. Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court. .

Naturally I signed it, and followed up accordingly with Mr. McConnell’s office to let them know that I added my name to the Daily Kos petition about Judge Garland, as I happen to believe very strongly in and support hearings for him as well as a fair Up or Down vote for Judge Garland in the United States Senate. In my email to the Senator I respectfully reminded him of famed Pacific rim Allied Commander during World War 2, General Douglas MacArthur’s, epic words in his infamous  Duty, Honor, Country speech before cadets at the United States Military Academy, at West Point, in 1962.

“As Americans, as Soldiers for the United States of America – of which you will be soon enough – we all have a first, best duty to the preservation and perseverance of freedom which all Americans, and free people everywhere, enjoy…” – Gen. Douglas MacArthur

In any case I have an account with Daily Kos and so I logged in to it because I wanted to do a blog posting on their about the petition and to comment on and share out this article from a fellow blogger there that caught my attention.

The article troubled me because of an ongoing similar legal situation. I tried to dutifully share the article out and around on social media thereby doing my part to advance the agenda in terms of discussing, civilly, the issue more broadly with a wide variety of concerned citizenry, but I found that I was unable to do any of that.

So I go to my account there because for some months prior I’d been having some trouble with posting/blogging or, as they call it, “posting a diary about a relevant story, issue or [personal] concern of yours for the rest of the world to see…”

I found that I was unable to do anything from my account anymore in terms of posting/blogging, liking or following any fellow Kos Bloggers, etc. Nothing.

Initially, I didn’t think anything of it, because of some technical difficulties there before I ignored it and made numerous attempts to blog and share both the article I mentioned earlier and the Garland petition to Senator McConnell. Nothing.

In times before technical support was kind and attentive enough to resolve them and we moved on. That was until yesterday, when I found out that I had been, “banned from the site” and that I, “no longer have an account” from someone going by the handle: indycam [on Daily Kos].

“Wait. What? I’ve been banned?! I’ve never been banned from anything before in my life.” I thought to my self.

As with anything though there is a reason. The Reason: This blog post I did on 02/23/16 after a CNN hosted Democratic Town hall in Columbia, SC. USA.

I felt, then as now, that the political deck has been stacked against my guy Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and his 2016 bid to become the Democratic nominee for the presidency of the United States of America.

I made no bones about it.There or HERE. I am a LIBERAL “small d,” democrat who supports Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America in 2016.

Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas and the so-called “Political Establishment” know this. And because they do they see this as a threat to their political way of life. And have banned my right of free speech, free expression on Daily Kos.

It would be one thing if I had it coming, said or even did something that was afoul of our political process here in America. Thereby ruining or spoiling it for us all. But all I’ve ever done, will do, is to tell the truth. But if I didn’t tell the truth about Hillary Rodham Clinton or anyone else for that matter then by all means, Markos & Company, BAN ME just like Great Britain did talk radio maven Dr. Michael Savage some years ago.

But and instead Mr. Moulitsas and the keepers of the Hillary Clinton flame over in Kos Land  ban me because someone somewhere got offended by the truth, offended by free speech and its free exercise thereof.

I read somewhere once that another human being became offended at the truth and he did this (amongst other horribly disgusting things):

Nazi solider tossing books into a fire, May of 1933 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia page: Nazi book burning.

Nazi much Markos?








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