Triple Play Chelsea

#ChelseaManning may get 35 to Life for an outdated tube of toothpaste & unauthorized reading material

Triple Play Chelsea

A 2013 Photo(s) of U.S. Army Prisoner Chelsea E. Manning (photo courtesy of The Associated Press and the Chelsea Manning Network, 2015) …

FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kansas – A few days ago I received an email from the Free Chelsea Manning Network, affiliated with Courage to Resist – A Conscientious Objector Site for Members of the U.S. and other World militaries – in concern of an issue involving Chelsea Manning, U.S. Military Whistle-blower.

What is a “Conscientious Objector,” you may ask? Simple definition?

“[An] individual[s] who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service” — As Defined By Wikipedia [Emphasis mine]

And although the artist formally known as U.S. Army Pvt. Bradley E. Manning was in no way a Conscientious Objector he is still being supported by my friends at Courage to Resist and the Wikileaks Network, e.g. Julian Assange, because he is both a hero, and a villain.

What Pvt. Manning may look like IF he is allowed to become a she (photo courtesy of the Free Chelsea Manning Network, 2015) ...

What Pvt. Manning may look like IF he is allowed to become a she (photo courtesy of the Free Chelsea Manning Network, 2015) …

You see Chelsea Manning, as the world now knows, became one of many to blow the whistle on the George W. Bush Administration and their Iraq War atrocities when in 2010 he began encrypted communications with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. And although Assange denied any contact with Manning, who in the Spring of 2010 reported to an obscure site called Lamo that he had been communicating with Assange, reports began leaking out that someone was leaking ‘highly classified material’ belonging to the Bush Administration to Wikileaks for publication. And that this material was ‘very damning’ according to reports. Manning spoke up, thereafter, to reporters at the New York Times and Washington Post that, “Yes! I am the one leaking this highly classified information.”

[Bradley Manning, since his 2013 incarceration has been trying to become Chelsea Manning. But the Department of the Army refuses to supply her with the proper hormone therapy and gender modification surgery to change from one sex to another.] 

Chelsea as a Girl

What U.S. Military Prisoner Chelsea E. Manning would like, like upon completion of her hormone therapy and gender change operation (photo courtesy of RootsAction Network, 2015) …

But by that time the proverbial cat was out of the bag, and then U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning of Oklahoma City, OK. would become one of many people tried and convicted for violating the Espionage Act of 1917 or Title 18 [U.S.] Code Violation in July of 2013 in a U.S. Military Court.

Pro and con alike comments run the gambit for what Chelsea did and didn’t do on behalf of the Laws of the United States and the People of the U.S.A. – And this writer understands, values and appreciates every one of those comments.

[On a Personal Note: I whole heartily support and condone the actions of both Bradley and Chelsea. I have donated to her legal defense through both the Free Chelsea Network and Courage to Resist many times, as I do many others who are represented by this erstwhile network, which includes Wikileaks and Julian Assange.]

And these kinds of conversations are important ones to have. It is also important to note of another conversation that we should be having, and it is that of the rate of incarceration and the prison system within the United States of America. We should also be having a conversation about who is and who is not really guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors against the United States of America, her Laws, and her People.

Former U.S. Army General David Petraeus

Former U.S. Army General David Petraeus (Retd.)


“So when they continued asking Him, he lifted up Himself, and said unto them, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”” – John 8:7, The Holy Bible – King James Version 

Before I knew all of the proverbial happy horse crap that U.S. Army Gen. David H. ‘Dave’ Petraeus (Retd.) had stirred from the sand swept corners of Baghdad, Iraq to the panhandle of Florida and its shorelines I was a great supporter, admirer, and downright ardent fan of General Dave. Especially after this little exchange.

It gave me a near cream in my jeans and a kind of ‘Merica!’ Moment that every red-blooded, beer swilling soul should long for, especially when it comes to all things Dave Petraeus. Right?

But as we would later learn Dave Petraeus was ever vigilant to both dip his wick and leave the back door of Iraq, from Syria and beyond, for his Central Intelligence Agency Buddies to give the World I.S.I.S. or I.S.I.L. (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria OR the Islamic State in Libya) thereafter, one has to wonder whether or not the right person is in O-POD at Fort Leavenworth Military Prison? – O-POD is the section where Chelsea Manning is being held prisoner.

“All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,” By Paula Broadwell was supposed to be the proverbial fifth star on the lapel of a four star, harden combat veteran of the first Gulf War, Somalia, Mogadishu, Panama, Grenada, and a Veteran of the Cold War – David H. Petraeus – INSTEAD, it turned out to be the catalyst to an entirely inappropriate relationship between the General and his chief autobiographer Paula Broadwell of Clear Lakes, FL. by way of Bismark, N.D.


The Edjumacation of General Dave

Dust Cover for the book, “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus” by Paula Broadwell and Vernon Loeb (photo courtesy of Wikipedia, 2015) …

Petraeus first met Broadwell, through some mutual family friends, the Kelly’s – David and Jill Kelley, (Jill Kelley and Paula Broadwell became friends through the MacDill Air Force Base Volunteers, and Wounded Warrior Angels as both women are extremely good-looking and would pose for pin-up calendars for the Troops, and talk to the Troops on the Wounded Warrior Ward for the Air Base Hospital after they had come back from Iraq and Afghanistan) – at a public speaking event down in South Florida in 2006.

They immediately hit it off, especially when she remarked that she was a writer, and was genuinely interested in publishing a book about the General, and the ‘Surge’ that ‘turned the tide of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan’, in those quote unquote “fair to middling days,” of the War on Terror and Operation Enduring Freedom.

And what four-star general wouldn’t like a book to be written about them? Especially this one, who was, at one time, worthy of such a distinction, but because of the wide-eyed whisper sweet nothings of a lovelorn woman. Well. You get the picture, I hope?

And so it was that General Dave Petraeus would begin, at first, simple correspondence with “Pal,” – that was his nickname for Paula Broadwell –  about the book, and conversely what would lead to an inappropriate relationship between Petraeus and Broadwell. And would lead to the exchange of ‘highly classified materials’ between the two about the Troop Surge(s) in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the enhanced interrogation techniques that the United States of America’s KLAN-destine services used on the likes of Mr. Abu Zubaydah, a Saudi Arabian Citizen, from 2003 until 2008.

zubaydah truthout magazine photo

Mr. Abu Zubaydah, indefinite detention (‘prolonged detention’) candidate from 2003 to 2008 …

[Mr. Zubaydah to date has never been afforded the opportunity at legal recourse against the United States of America, is legally bind in one eye, an eye that he lost during the duration of enhanced interrogation, and is living on a fixed income in somewhere in Saudi Arabia with his family.] 

Which leads me to ask, again, did we put the wrong person in O-POD at Fort Leavenworth Military Prison?

I dunno! Maybe we should ask Ms. Broadwell? How about it?

Or. How about Dave Petraeus himself?

Nature abhors a vacuum don’t it General Dave?

Or maybe I’m just whistling past the old graveyard on this one?

And so, I’ll ask yet again, is the wrong person doing time at Fort Leavenworth?

Granted Chelsea Manning, as Bradley Manning, was a Buck Private. A low man on the totem pole to say the least, BUT he was a Military Intelligence Analyst. As well as interpreter for the United States Army for four years. Whereas Dave Petraeus had, had a thirty-five year stellar career in the U.S. Army.

Hells bells Dave Petraeus saved an entire company once while on a training exercise at Fort Campbell in the late eighties, he took a round to the chest, and endured a sucking chest wound, one that has beleaguered him to this day, and nearly cost him his military career, on more than one occasion. And the story has been told over and over again by then Maj. General ‘Black Jack’ Keane, a personal friend and fellow commander with Petraeus at Campbell Army Airfield.

So when and if you compare apples to oranges Chelsea Manning comes out on the short end of the stick, respectfully. More to the point though is the fact that in one weak in the knees moment(s) though Dave Petraeus managed to betray US. Betray his Oath to the United States Constitution and the Commander and Chief(s – George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama, II.) to the United States Military and the Director of National Intelligence, James N. Clapper – a trader himself, and finally, and most importantly, he betrayed his multi-year marriage to the ‘love of his life’ Hollister ‘Holly’ Petraeus.

Minus the betrayal of his marriage vows, the rest is in fact punishable by imprisonment for life. Is it not?

Because you cannot, knowingly or unknowingly, betray the TRUST of the American People. TRUST? The Rules and Regulations of the U.S. Constitution, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and the hearts and minds of the American people, and not expect consequences and repercussions. Or can you?

But to hear it told and to have it said the powers that be in both Washington and New York think him STILL an American hero. They even gave him a pass, an excessive fine notwithstanding. And that is, by Washington and New York City standards for the rich and affluent to be the end of the discussion. Or should it be?

[E.g. and SEE ALSO: The death and presumed murder of Investigative Journalist Michael Hastings,2013, in relation to shake-ups within the Intelligence Community around the time of Petraeus resignation from the C.I.A. and John O. Brennan’s appointment as the new head of the Clandestine Service Organization.]

So! I’ll ask again, do we have the right person in Fort Leavenworth Military Prison?

BEM Military Photo

Former United States Army Private Bradley E. Manning, U.S. Military Whistle-blower (photo courtesy of Wikipedia, 2015) ..

FROM BRADLEY TO CHELSEA: THE Food FIGHT, Outdated Toothpaste & Unauthorized Reading Material [found in her jail cell, after a “shakedown,” by prison guards]… 

In getting back to the moral of this story: The other day I received a troubling email from the Free Chelsea Manning Network concerning Chelsea and the possibility that she could be facing 35 years to Life in Solitary Confinement over Spilled Food, a Fight with a Military Police Prison Guard, an Outdated Tube of Toothpaste, and Unauthorized Reading Materials found in her jail cell in early July.

prison at ft. leavenworth

United States Federal & Military Penitentiary at Fort Leavenworth, KS, U.S.A…

The story goes that on the afternoon of 02 July 2015 Chelsea was eating lunch in the Commons area for O-POD (the area where she is being held) when she either knocked or bumped, accidentally, some food from off of her tray and it landed on the floor next to her.

A guard saw what had happened, and immediately reprimanded Chelsea, and ordered her to pick the food up off the floor, and either eat it or set it aside and throw it away thereafter.

When Chelsea tried to explain what had happened the guard in question was having none of it, and proceeded to tell Chelsea again to either eat the food or set it aside and throw it away later, and that they did not care to hear any excuse whatsoever.

Chelsea retorted, BIG MISTAKE – UNREMITTINGLY, and although it’s not exactly sure what was said thereafter a physical altercation broke out between the guard and Prisoner Manning. A supervisor who happened to be watching the exchange the whole time intervened and told Prisoner Manning to self-restrain (Shades of Mitt Romney and “self-deportation”, no?) or be made to go to solitary.

Manning obliged, but asked to speak to her lawyer. Both the guard and the immediate supervisor refused, and took her to the pod supervisor’s office for an incident report, and reprimand.


An example of the reported contraband found in Chelsea Manning’s jail cell at Fort Leavenworth, KS. (O-POD Section) – (photo courtesy of [the]Free Chelsea Manning Network, 2015) …

Upon arrival at the pod supervisor’s office Prisoner Manning asked again,”Can I speak to my lawyer please?” To which the supervisor responded, “No, and what happened Manning?”

Prisoner Manning explained what had happened and both the guard ,that she was in the altercation with, and the immediate supervisor agreed.

That was when things went from bad to worse for Chelsea Manning.

Upon review of both audio and video recordings, and Freedom of Information Act requests by both The Associated Press, The Guardian, UK & US, as well as the Chelsea Manning Defense Team the following information has been obtained:

Chelsea's Charges

The Chelsea Manning Charges, Stemming from the 02 July 2015 incident (photo courtesy of RootsAction, a petition site, 2015) …

Chelsea is due before the disciplinary board for the prison on the afternoon of 18 August 2015 to determine whether or not she will spend the rest of her life in solitary confinement or be confined to her cell for 6 months or longer, with little rations, no physical exercise, and no socialization with fellow prisoners.

USDB Photo

An old photograph of Fort Leavenworth Prison at Fort Leavenworth, KS (photo courtesy of the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, KS. USA, 2015)

Right now there is an immediate need for Chelsea to get a fair and impartial hearing before the Disciplinary Board.

Because the United States Army maintains that their people treated Chelsea fairly and have handled this situation with the utmost care and professionalism. That it was Chelsea who behaved inappropriately in this instance.

Chelsea & Company disagree! And they disagree for a few reasons.

  1. Chelsea was neither belligerent or physically volatile with the guard on that day that it was the guard and the supervisor that provoked the incident.
  2. Chelsea asked at least twice to speak to her attorney, and she was refused twice.
  3. Chelsea went through proper channels when lodging any and all complaints and has been denied her due process on several occasions by the prison and the U.S. Military, trying to forcing a more formal hearing with the Commandant of the Prison, but she has been refused that, and is forced to go before the Disciplinary Board in just a few days.

Supporters are asking that people read, sign, and then share a petition on Chelsea behalf to the Disciplinary Board for Fort Leavenworth Prison, and then they are asking that you consider making a donation to her legal defense fund? It is tax-deductible, and will go a long way in helping Chelsea win her eventual freedom.

Because her supporters believe that she has been wrongfully accused, tried and convicted for something that she didn’t do, and that she is serving a prison sentence meant for General David Petraeus (and no doubt many others instead).

[On a Personal Note: I happen to agree that Chelsea Manning is serving a prison sentence meant for others. And that David Petraeus is just a microcosm of a macrocosm.

And unless and until we arrest, charge, and convict folks like David Petraeus, James Clapper, John Brennan, and U.S. Army General (Army Chief of Staff) Raymond T. Odierno (Retd.) then the problem(s) will persist. We will have more and more David Petraeus’s.

Chelsea Manning did nothing wrong in 2010, and she did nothing wrong in 2015! But David Petraeus has. He has Betrayed Us! And he MUST be held accountable for his actions.]  

— Rhett E. Column

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The Conscientious Objector: WHY Kim Davis May Get Off Scot-Free! #LGBTQnews #Equality

Kim J. Bailey-Davis, Rowan County, KY. Court Clerk (photo courtesy of; Lexington-Herald Leader, 2015) ...

Kim J. Bailey-Davis, Rowan County, KY. Court Clerk (photo courtesy of; Lexington-Herald Leader, 2015) …

ROWAN COUNTY, Kentucky – Good morning! It took me a few days, BUT I think I got the angel of WHY & HOW Rowan County, KY. Court Clerk Kim Davis may, MAY NOW, get off scot-free.

As you know she is the “lone,” county clerk who is “refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.” And while it is heart-breaking and downright cruel and unusual punishment that she won’t, by the way heterosexual couples are suffering the same fate in Rowan County because County Clerk Davis is refusing to issue marriage licenses to anyone, period, regardless of; race, color, creed, ethnic or national origin or sexual preferences across the board, issue the licenses there’s a very good reason for that. And do you want to know why?

It’s an argument as old as time and memorial itself. Conscientious objection. Ever heard the term?

“A conscientious objector (CO) is an “individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service[.]” On the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, and/or religio[us objection].” – according to Wikipedia posting for its definition

You say well, by definition than Kim Davis is A.O.L. or Ass-out of Luck then because she’s not in the U.S. Military. Touche!

But upon closer inspection into the Wikipedia posting for what the term Conscientious Objector means we see that in regards to Alternative Civilian Service such conscientious objection can and will apply:

“Alternative civilian service is service to a government made as a civilian, particularly such service as an option for conscripted persons who are conscientious objectors and object to military service.

Civilian service is usually performed in the service of non-profit governmental bodies or other institutions. For example, in Germany (before conscription was abolished), those in civilian service worked extensively in healthcare facilities and retirement homes, while other countries have a wider variety of possible placements.

Common synonyms for the term are alternative service, civilian service, non-military service and substitute service.[..]” – according to the Wikipedia posting on Alternative Civilian Service in Relation to Conscientious Objector Status

A county clerk is in no ways responsible for enforcing the law, merely upholding it or and at the very least seeing to its facilitation from the standpoint that county clerks, who have many duties and responsibilities, maintain the books for the county, issue marriage licenses, divorce papers, deeds, etc.

BUT, and according to law they do have the right to object to all or a portion of their duties and responsibilities because they are regarded as a Civilian or Non-Combatant in their “official,” capacity.

“A civilian under the laws of war (also known as international humanitarian law) is a person who is not a member of the military and is not taking a direct part of hostilities in situation of armed conflict. Civilians are distinct from combatants. They are among the category of non-combatants and are afforded a degree of legal protection from the effects of combat and military occupation.

In U.S. parlance, a civilian is also not a law enforcement officer or not a firefighter.[1] In addition, the term also includes one who is not a suspect/criminal or is not affiliated with that suspect/criminal, in order to differentiate between an innocent and a non-innocent, similar to that of a combatant and a civilian under the laws of war. (However, non-civilian personnel could fall under the category of suspect/criminal if they act outside of their official duties, depending on specific circumstances and interpretations of such). In a military context, Chapter 18 of Title 10 United States Code refers to law enforcement officers as civilians.[2]  […]” – according to the Wikipedia posting on what a Civilian is in relation to Conscientious Objection

Hence where the term Alternative Service Program would or could come into play. You say well, what does that have to do with Kim Davis and her elected position of County Clerk for Rowan County, KY? But that’s just it County Clerk or being County Clerk falls under an Alternative Service Program because a County Clerk is in no ways a member of the military or law enforcement community. Be it elected or otherwise. IF you stop and think about it for a minute, which I am sure, no doubt, Mrs. Davis attorney’s Matt and Anita Staver with the infamous, “Liberty Counsel” have. You can conceivable begin to see where she may have the legal right and moral obligation to object to gay people asking her office for a marriage license.

Matt and Anita Staver have been in the legalese business for more than forty years. They are no slouches by any stretch. Despite what some may say about them, they know what they are doing. After all, they were the chief legal counselors for the late great Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., M.E. & PhD. And helped to steer him and others who formulated the so-called, “Moral Majority” or “Silent Majority” that helped to elect Presidents like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Falwell called them his brain, Al la: George W. Bush and Karl Rove.

The point being is that at some point and time, IF they haven’t already, Matt and Anita Staver will argue that their client, Kim Davis, has the right to conscientiously object to issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, due to religious reasons, and she has the right to do so BECAUSE she is a civilian and her elected position as county clerk for Rowan County, KY. in no ways makes her a member of the U.S. Military or a Law Enforcement Officer.

You say, “Well Rhett! I mean c’mon now. That argument IS weak man. Piss poor at best. Because she’s an elected official…” Yes. She is an elected official, BUT in her official capacity she is not expected to enforce the law, merely uphold it, unless she objects to a portion or all of her duties and responsibilities. And in this case she objects to giving out marriage licenses to same-sex couples for religious reasons.

Therefore because there is an objection, in this case a specific and well-defined objection, “I don’t want to issue you a marriage license because you’re gay and you being gay and asking me, as the Clerk for Rowan County, to issue you one goes against my personal religious beliefs…”

You say well, “Separation of Church and State Rhett!” Yes! But that’s at the federal level, at the local level, and down Rowan County way, Down South, still, and in certain parts and parcels of the U.S.A. they take that 1st, 10th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution seriously, right along with that 2nd Amendment to, less we forget. And because we do, because they do, they will raise objections of conscience unless and until We the People elect a Congress and a President of the United States that will openly call of a Change of Laws of our Land, E.g. A Constitutional Convention.

Prepare yourselves my gay and straight friends. Objections of Conscientious has begun. And that is WHY, I think, Kim Davis may, she just may, get off scot-free.

#LGBTQnews #Equality #LoveIsLove

— Rhett E. Column

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The Not So Honorable Richard B. 'Dick' Cheney, former Vice President of the United States, The George W. Bush Administration and former Secretary of Defense for The George H.W. Bush Administration

Former Veep Dick Cheney IS Making News, Again: A New Book and Bribery Charges in Nigeria

“The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Tuesday summoned the country chief of Halliburton and last week detained 10 Nigerian and expatriate Halliburton staff for questioning after raiding its Lagos office.

“We are filing charges against Cheney,” EFCC spokesman Femi Babafemi told Reuters, but declined to give any further details on what the charges were, or where they would be filed.” – from an article titled, “Dick Cheney to be charged in $180-million Halliburton bribery case” By Nick Tattersall, Reuters / December 3, 2010 (posted in the Christian Science Monitor)

LAGOS, Nigeria – It’s a story from 2010, BUT it caught my attention BECAUSE any news involving former Vice President Richard B. ‘Dick’ Cheney always does.

In a case that would make Lemony Snickett envious the former Veep finds himself in the throes of an international bribery scandal involving his former company Halliburton and its long-past holding K.B.R. (Kellogg, Brown & Root) – an engineering and procurement company out of Houston, TX. – and their attempted, illegal, purchase of a Liquid to Natural Gas plant/pocket by K.B.R. on Lake Charles in the Country of Nigeria.  

Mr. Jim Carrey as Lemony Snickett on the left side, setting, and Jim Carrey as Riddler from a 2007 Batman movie as The Riddler (photos courtesy of Disney and Warner Brothers; Editing by Rhett E. Column, 2015)...

Mr. Jim Carrey as Lemony Snickett on the left side, setting, and Jim Carrey as Riddler on the right side from a 2007 Batman movie as The Riddler (photos courtesy of Disney and Warner Brothers; Editing by Rhett E. Column, 2015)…

While at the same time touring the country, and no doubt the world, with his daughter Liz Cheney, in the promotion of a new book that they wrote together called, “Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America [Again]”.

Latest book from Liz and former Veep Richard B. Cheney (photo courtesy of Amazon, 2015)...

Latest book from Liz and former Veep Richard B. Cheney (photo courtesy of Amazon, 2015)…

All of which makes for, I’m sure, some really interesting chit-chat round the old Hearth and Home.

Could this be what brings The George W. Bush Administration down, all of them – former Secretary of State Gen. Collin Powell, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Richard Armitage included – once and for all? Could it be that simple? Really? Corruption. Bribery. Liable. Slander. Pandering. All of it done internationally from the country of origin where the War on Iraq and her people began by the George W. Bush Administration in 2003.

vpw cia agent

Mrs. Valerie Plame-Wilson, former Foreign Services Agent with the Central Intelligence Agency and wife of former United States Ambassador Joseph Wilson, an outed CIA
Agent since 2005…

Where’s Valerie Plame and Ambassador Joe Wilson (husband and wife by the way) at when ya need um?

Like Christian Slater’s character, “Mr. Robot” says, “Some exciting times in which we live. Exciting times…”

— Rhett E. Column

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Pollster, Pundit & ‘I’m A Gay Black Man’ Jonathan Capehart has ISSUES on why Dr. Ben Carson, M.D. is now a GOP ‘front-runner’


capehartjNEW YORK, New York – A few days ago I entered my t.v. room with my wife, and “Morning Joe” was on. It was about 05:20 am CST. And Joe Scarborough was talking with Mike Barnacle and Washington Post highly punditized ‘I’m a gay black man’ Jonathan Capehart about all things 2016 Republican Party Primary for President.

Amongst the topic Du jour there was Mr. Capehart tickling his fancy on why and how Dr. Ben Carson, M.D. could be a front-runner, by now, in the Republican Party’s Presidential Primary Process.

Aside from his usual screed about the good doctor Capehart lamented that the ‘Republican party somehow feels that they [now] have their 2008 answer to Barack Obama and the Democratic party then’. ‘Now that they have their ‘black guy’ they feel as if they can take on President Obama and the Democratic Party in 2016.’ Provided Donald Trump doesn’t walk away with the whole damned thing, of course.

And while it is true that the Republican party has their 2008 answer, finally, it’s not due to the fact that Ben Carson is in any way, somehow the equivalent to Barack Obama. Nor is Barack Obama equivalent to Ben Carson. Both men. Both men now. Stand on their own. They are their own man. They need no introductions, require no formalities from the likes of Jonathan Capehart, and most certainly need no laments from the cast of characters that make up “Morning Joe,” on MSNBC.

Dr. Ben Carson, M.D. & Neurosurgeon (Retd.)

Dr. Ben Carson, M.D. & Neurosurgeon (Retd.)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a ‘gay black man’ to tell me what the United States and the rest of the free world has in Ben Carson and Barack Obama. Gifted hands, to borrow a book title. Gifted. Capable. Blessed hands.

I may not always agree; politically, socially or even ecumenically with either man, BUT I know for a FACT where both men stand on the issues of the day, of our time. Bottom line.

— Rhett E. Column

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Julian Bond

The Death of Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond

It’s taken me some time to adjust to the idea that the world as we know it will have to do without Mr. Horace Julian Bond.

Some weeks ago the world learned that Mr. Bond passed from this life to the next after a short and sudden illness that took him from us entirely to soon. He was just 75 years old. A good life, and a good stretch of personal and long-standing achievement. He will be sorely missed. Not just because of who he was, but what he was. He was the first African-American to be named for high office, posthumously, in 1968. He could have been our first modern-day black president, IF he wanted.

My mother, father, and most of my southern family campaigned and worked for him for ages. Knew him personally. I can’t ever remember a time where or when Mr. Bond was not in my life or apart of my family’s life in some way.

He was always the same. Never different or indifferent towards you. Always glad to see you. Talk to you. Get into how you were doing, and what you needed. He was a man who died to self early and often. A gifted and well-schooled man of the law and the world. He could speak, read, and write multiple languages, loved jazz, and blues music, was a prolific speed reader, and could carry a tune like no other.

He was the quintessential man of the people and a people of the man. He was no evident respecter of person, and just enjoyed life, family, and people. I will miss him, and will endeavor to understand WHY and HOW he came to leave this life so suddenly.

Rest In Peace Mr. Bond.

“God save the Man who had a plan to [try to] make a difference in this World…” – Mr. H. Julian Bond

— Rhett E. Column

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head shot of jeb

Did anyone catch what JEB Bush said last week????

Did anyone besides me catch what JEB Bush said last week about Donald Trump and his ‘front-runner status’?

In front of some Southern Democrats and disrespected Moral Majority Republicans Jonathan Ellis Bush, Sr.. or JEB as he is known, said this:

“And when people talk about Mr. Trump, and his front-runner status he should expect, as should I, to be held to a higher standard…And when you say things about immigrants or women that are ugly he should be held to a higher standard. And he should be made to own his words, as should anyone who is running to become President of the United States in 2016…”

Mr. Bush should know that he to is being held to a higher standard, and that when you say things like:

Or how about this gem:

He should most definitely expect the same treatment.

Yet and still you wanna have people like me arrested, don’t you Mr. Bush? Hypocrisy much Governor?

So how can Mr. Bush say on the one hand to GOP front-runner Donald Trump ‘he should expect to be held to a higher standard’? And on the other hand say things like they’ll be ‘plenty of time to figure out what went right and what went wrong [in regards to my brother’s presidency]’? And say it, no less, with a straight face.

I would suggest to Mr. Bush, who is an illegal candidate for President anyways, that he stop digging his hole. Because your words, deeds, and actions have already long-buried you. Cue the mourners and political eulogists now please.

— Rhett E. Column

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Getting out the way.

Rhett E. Column, Say What News?!:

A thoughtful posting from Ms. Robin Forchion…

— Rhett E. Column
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My muse Caila. My muse Caila.

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Remote Neural Monitoring for Covert Control of Society

Rhett E. Column, Say What News?!:

“…and while there is a subsection of the population fighting to expose this technology and the implications it has for humanities future, there are still a lot of people who aren’t even aware that remote neural monitoring is even possible. … what we consider human rights and to keep such weapons in secret for the consideration of only an elite few is certainly an epic travesty and breach of humanity. No longer must we be concerned about the lies we are being fed from mainstream media and even our leaders. Now we must consider whether or not our opinion and agreement were perhaps manufactured by them…” — This article is written by Ryan Watton for Mind Power World:

As victims of COINTELPRO-MK-ULTRA Mind Control my wife and I always appreciate articles and postings such as this, BECAUSE it lets us know that we are not alone in this fight, and that everything we say and do about this, every bit or piece of information that we share about this ABUSE, and I say ABUSE because that’s what it is, ABUSE of the Mind by a deviant and devilish government.

Our government. The Government of the United States of America. These are troubling times in which we live people. Stay informed, and stay up on this stuff, BY reading through it, commenting on it, and sharing it with all in your social media circles…Be well…

— Rhett E. Column
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In the modern times of the internet and digital devices permeating our daily habits and routines, the issue of privacy is becoming more and more of a hot button issue. One needs to just look at how Facebook is increasingly encroaching upon the vast amounts of personal information that is recorded willingly and correlated with friends and family to understand that there is a huge amount of our personal lives available for review, whether it be for commercial marketing reasons or for legal justifications. Many scandals have come out regarding AT&T working with our government to intercept our phone calls, our text messages and other private communications. Such breaches of privacy have even come with legislation giving these companies retroactive immunity from prosecution for snooping around in our personal lives, regardless of their motivations.

But what if such ways of obtaining personal information were considerably outdated?

The NSA may think…

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Jimmy the Cricket

Rhett E. Column, Say What News?!:

Check out Jimmy Cricket! Special thanks to Ms. Robin Forchion for the opportunity to share. Good morning…

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This little guy hitched a ride with me and Caila while we were looking for bear.

Jimmy the Cricket Jimmy the Cricket

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Trump v. Ramos 2015

“I’m not a Journalist, I’m an Immigrant .. a citizen [of this country]..” – Jorge Ramos to Donald Trump

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – There can be little doubt that the exchange yesterday between GOP presidential front-runner Donald J. Trump and Univision’s Jorge Ramos was both caustic and offensive. But through self-correction Mr. Trump righted a wrong, and Mr. Ramos did get to ask his question(s) in relation to immigration – in the end.

Jorge Ramos Univision Photo

Mr. Jorge Ramos, Univision Anchor and Pundit (photo courtesy of Univision, 2015)

Univision is, of course, owned and operated by NBC Universal Comcast [Cable Company]. And is being sued by Mr. Trump for a breach of (trust) contract between Trump Holdings USA’s Miss Universe Pageant Company, as he made clear with Mr. Ramos yesterday, “how much am I suing Univision for? How much? … You dunno so I’ll tell you. $500 million [dollars]..”

And if this posting was only about that I’d be done with my screed, BUT and alas it’s not.

In fact what it is about is Mr. Ramos’ declaration to Mr. Trump, in their initial exchange, before “Trump’s Body Man,” escorted him out of the room, initially. LISTEN. And watch CLOSELY.

“I’m not a Journalist, I’m an immigrant .. a citizen [of this country] and I have a right to ask you a question…” – Jorge Ramos to Donald Trump

“I’m not a Journalist…” Through the remainder of yesterday, and all day long today media types the free world over have lauded that Jorge Ramos is in fact a “Journalist” – “…in fact the “best,” and “most important journalist this country has…His ratings are through the roof, he attracts millions and millions of Latinos to Univision…So he is a Journalist in every sense of the word.”” – in every sense of the word despite the fact that he openly admitted that he was not. [SEE the Video above.]

Now! Here is the exchange in its entirety. Remember: LISTEN. And watch CLOSELY.

To be clear neither Donald Trump nor his so-called body man had a right to remove Mr. Ramos from the room, he asked him a legitimate question(s) and Trump should have answered it right then and their. Problem solved, right?

Mr. Ramos had no right to just stand up and start interjecting himself into the fray, the real journalists and not some pundit and anchor desk type like Mr. Ramos is and claims to be where and should have been the ones allowed to ask the questions, when he was clearly not called upon, first, by Mr. Trump to ask his question. [As was evident by the entire 51 second video, courtesy of Univision by the way, that I just posted just above.]

Two wrongs don’t make a right here folks. Even IF Trump righted the ship in the end and allowed Mr. Ramos back into the room to ask his question(s) towards the end of yesterday’s presser.

Furthermore the Media has no right to portray Mr. Jorge Ramos as a journalist. That would be like me declaring the Right Reverend Al Sharpton is Mayor of New York City. Both are demonstrably false.

And for any self-respecting journalist worth their Woodward and Bernstein, Walter Cronkite credentials to do so, openly, is both an insult and comical on its face. Jorge Ramos couldn’t find a press room with both hands, a flashlight and a map! He is nothing more than a newsroom anchor man and a pundit. And Donald Trump is merely a “Republican,” candidate for President of the United States of America. And that’s where the dust from this fracas should settle.

— Rhett E. Column

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The Arctic Circle/Alaska at Sunset (photo courtesy of  Nana News, 2015) ...

Alaska, The Arctic Circle, and WHY it ALL MATTERS

JUNEAU, Alaska – Ever had dreams of going to the Great North Woods? Roughing it? Braving it in the wilderness, and the elements? Veni vidi vici – “I came. I saw. I conquered.”

The Klondike Gold Rush

Miner’s from the 1890 Klondike Gold Rush in Alaska (photo courtesy of DD’s Ranch wear)

That all-important. All-encompassing. Once in a lifetime opportunity to make a name for yourself. There have been many men, women and children who braved the elements, the plants, the animals, and their fellow-man in search for gold, peace, and adventure.

Some. Were successful. Very successful. Like that of the George Carmack clan’s discovery in 1896 along the Bonanza Creek River. Still others, not so much.

The point being is: Is that Alaska, the Arctic Circle, all of it matters a great deal, especially now. And in a time when Capitalism and Unitarianism are in this kind of push-pull battle ,like two Bull Moose fighting in the Great North Woods the greatest little Continental Nation in the World, Alaska and her Arctic Circle, of wills that matters a great deal in regards to; the peace, prosperity, and adventurous spirit that is synonymous with Alaska and her Peoples.

And sooner or later one of the two have got to give.

This week President Obama will become the first setting U.S. President to “officially,” visit the Arctic Circle. Among the things that he will do their will be to speak with Native Americans as well as Native Alaskans on the alarming effects that climate change and drilling in the Arctic Circle has had on them, and the environment there.

As you know the Environmental Protection Agency recently granted Shell Oil Company a much coveted drilling permit in the Arctic Circle, [drilling in Alaska and the Arctic circle is] something that Greenpeace USA as well as other climate change activists have been staunchly against for decades, as evidence in the video above.

And while President Obama’s trip is important, historically significant even, no doubt he will receive a chilly reception, and it won’t just be from the frozen tundra’s great north winds either.

The first ever gathering of all the Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations this September 2015

The first ever gathering of all the Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations this September 2015

Not since the so-called “Seward’s Folly” – the purchase of the Alaskan Territory from the Russians for the sum of seven million dollars in the late 1700’s by then U.S. Secretary of State William Seward – has their been a more important time in the history of the biggest little national continent in the World.

Alaska and the Arctic Circle, for the first time, matters.

— Rhett E. Column

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