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“There’s Gold In Dem Der Hills, and the #BLM WANTS IT!” By Rhett E. Column; #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress

GRANTS PASS, Oregon – It’s not a ‘Bundy Ranch style standoff’, yet, but it could be as Oath Keepers everywhere flock to a place called Merlin, OR. to see that the Due Process Rights of the Sugar Pine Miners are kept intact.

Set aside by Congress in 1876 gold miners have been working this claim since then, and there is ‘gold in dem der hills’, and the Bureau of Land Management, for presumably ‘jackbooted’ skullduggeristic purposes, wants it. Perhaps the D.E.A. needs to pay back the Mexican drug cartels for ‘services rendered’, and what can’t get much better than an ounce or two of sold gold from the Galice Mining District?

I see it, as plain as I see the nose God gave me that sets on the end of my face folks! And even though they have a ‘mediator’ in the local county Sheriff, they had one in the Wounded Knee standoff of the 1970’s to, and that ended so well.

It matters not the day or the hour because wherever ‘jackbooted government thugs’ and Oath Keepers abound it does bode well for the Democratic process called America.

— Rhett.

Elmo, U.S. Surgeon General Urge Children To Get Their Vaccinations « CBS San Francisco

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, M.D. & Elmo from 'Sesame Street' P.S.A. 2015. #Shots

I could be wrong, but I doubt the late great Jim Henson, and Frank Oz intended for Elmo to tell kids it a-okay for kids to get their vaccinations? ‘It’s just a pinch, and it won’t hurt’ was what the good Doctor, and U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek H. Murthy, M.D. and Elmo ordered per this ultra fascinating P.S.A. (Public Service Announcement) …

Under less than normal circumstances I’d be all the merrier for it, but this, sadly, is where the good Doctor, Elmo, and I part ways.

You see kids vaccines do hurt, they do more than just ‘pinch’. In fact, what they do, do is; debilitate, and in some cases, often, cripple or Mame a Person for Life. (Health, Science & Technology proves it so, Google it! – Don’t just take my word for it kids.)

Why any advanced doctor such as Surgeon General Murthy would prescribe such an edict, via ‘Sesame Street’, is beyond me?

I took my last vaccine, as prescribed, long ago, and so can you. Elmo be damned! Respectfully.

Elmo, U.S. Surgeon General Urge Children To Get Their Vaccinations « CBS San Francisco.

— Rhett.

An Open Letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren Regarding Laboratory Developed Tests, Physician Health Programs and Institutional Injustice

Rhett E. Column, #SayWhatNews, #AXJ:

In the interests of full disclosure I am an ardent fan and supporter of Elizabeth Warren. In my opinion she can do no wrong, and has more brass than a Kansas City Fire Engine, but that’s just my opinion.

I truly love, respect, and admire the work that she does in the United States Senate along with Independent United States Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, SAVE Social Security and the Lock Box Act.

I truly look forward to the day when we will have a truly Progressive President of the United States of America along with a Progressive Congress. Until then I can merely hope and pray so, of course work towards that day, endlessly, with news, views and information declarativly – (sp?) so.

Read this posting, and be good and well informed towards that very thing…

— Rhett.

#SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress Approved!

Originally posted on Disrupted Physician:

An Open Letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren Regarding Laboratory Developed Tests, Physician Health Programs and Institutional Injustice.

I can think of nothing more institutionally unjust than an unregulated zero-tolerance monitoring program with no oversight using unregulated drug and alcohol testing of unknown validity.   But that is what is occurring.   Some of us are trying to expose this corrupt system but barriers exist. As with the Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), those involved have intentionally taken steps to remove both answerability and accountability.  Both the tests and the body of individuals administering these tests are notable for their lack of transparency, oversight and regulation.  This renders them a power unto themselves.

Doctors (and others coerced into Professional Health Programs) across the country have reported going to law enforcement and state agencies only to be turned away.   The Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP)  has convinced these outside agencies that this…

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[Helping Hand NEWS] – [VIDEO] Grandma Slams Lazy Entitlement Mothers and “Their Men”

70-something grandma goes all in on the so-called 'entitlement society'

Watch this 72-year-old Grandma go ALL-In on the ‘Entitlement Society via the link: [VIDEO] Grandma Slams Lazy Entitlement Mothers and “Their Men”.

— Rhett.

[Helping Hand NEWS] Fight Hunger. Spark Change.

Feeding America Logo, 2015

BENTONVILLE, Arkansas – I couldn’t believe my eyes! Walmart and my friends at Feeding America teaming up to hash tag: Fight Hunger?

The last thing I would want to do is associate myself with would be Walmart and feeding people. But. Okay. I’m game for anything at least once in life.

So click on this Link: Fight Hunger. Spark Change.. And see how you can join them to Fight Hunger. Spark Change.

Happy Friday All!

— Rhett.

george logan senator

“The Power to Negotiate: The Logan Act of 1799 Explained…” By Rhett E. Column; #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia – The year was 1799 when a Congress and a President, John Adams, came together to sign into law the Logan Act. Named in honor of Philadelphia County, PA. Senator George Logan who took it upon himself to negotiate without permission, openly, on behalf of the still newly minted United States of America with the Republic of France in 1798. It was enacted so that ‘no one but an authorized Citizen of the United States shall have the Power to Negotiate on behalf the U.S. with any other foreign entity or government except for the President himself’.

Simply put the Logan Act gives the President of the United States, whomever he or she may be, the Power to Negotiate. Much like Congress has the “The Power of the Purse,” when it comes to Wars & Budgets. The Logan Act gives the President, any President, the Power to Negotiate with Foreign and Domestic Actors on the so-called, “World’s Stage”.

The Congress, in its current form, seems to forget history or and in fact they may not know or UNDERSTAND that a President has this power?

With this posting I hope to remind them, refresh them or perhaps better inform them, openly, that these are the FACTS when it comes to the nuclear negotiations with Iran or T.P.P. (Trans-Pacific Partnership).

I freely admit any negotiation with a so-called, “Bad Actor” like Iran is troubling at best, given their government and military’s History of Violence. Their representative governments, in any form, have been bad ones, at least, since 1909.

But I believe we have turned a corner, and leadership, as well as governments their, in their current form, are good and decent ones, and will lead their people and the World accordingly especially when it comes to this latest effort.

But the Congress of the United States and in particular those in the United States Senate see it differently. And they have in fact taken steps to undermine, deliberately and effectually, this President, Barack Obama, dramatically.

Enter: Bob Corker.

bob corker

The Honorable Robert P. ‘Bob’ Corker, Jr., U.S. Senator – Republican, Tennessee…

To his credit Bob Corker did not sign the Iran Letter – once more he said, in so many words, “Hell no! I won’t sign that letter because it undermines everything that I am trying to do…”

But I don’t trust or even like Bob Corker this also-rand Mayor turned Statesman has never met an angel or a deal that he didn’t like especially if it gave him some height, besides the lifts in his loafers. Nor did I like much less TRUST his predecessor Dr. Bill Frist, M.D. Both men have never met a deal or an angel that they didn’t like or couldn’t cut, and if they can’t or won’t undermine publicly they’ll do it privately. And its sad. Really sad.

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness…” – President John F. Kennedy

At every turn this Congress has elected to undermine this President rather than let him govern. They have ignored the law on matters of convenience and narrative in order to boast and brag and say, “See! See! We told you. We told you. This President is bowing to our enemies. Negotiating with the enemies of Israel. And so, now, we gotta go in and clean this mess up…” In the mean time though to hell with the rest of the World and its problems ‘we’ve got far bigger fish to fry’. “When’s that next vote up to name that post office John [Boehner]?”

And We as Americans, and as Citizens of the World have every right to say, “Whoa! Wait a minute. Hod up here chief. This deal. This negotiation is what we want, it’s what We the People of the United States of America want. We want Iran, under new leadership, to be able to come to the table and negotiate with our President…”

In retort though you have the Congress, and in particular Republican members of Congress, who have sought to undermine, inappropriately, this President at every turn.

To be sure I am no ardent fan of Barack Obama. But he is the President of the United States, like it or not, he was duly elected by a Majority of the American voter on two separate occasions. Period. Full stop.

barry talks transgender 2015

President Barack H. Obama, II. speaks to reporters on Wednesday at the New Executive Office Building press room, near The White House, 2015…

You don’t like it or him Impeach him! And while you’re at it REPEAL & REPLACE the Logan Act of 1799 which gives the President, and the President ONLY, the Authority to Negotiate.

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects. – Logan Act, 1799

The above and titled is not coming from me that’s coming from the Law, the Act, itself folks. And at every turn this President has been making use of the Act. And this is a good thing, because, and truthfully, this President is very well aware of the Law.

So I have to wonder then, IF it’s not ignorance, and it’s not being caught unaware then that leaves a deliberate undermining of both this President and the “Separation of Powers,” as it pertains to the Legislative and the Executive, and when two of the three legs of the stool of government aren’t working that then leaves the third and final leg, the Judicial.

scotus picture

The Nine Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, 2014 picture…

And given the ‘tug of popular sentiment’ I’m not exactly sure if a Majority of the American People want democratized governance left up to them entirely. Although I could be wrong? – See what you think.

So that then leaves the Legislative and the Executive. The legislative refuses to Govern. At least in the odd chance that President Obama might be deemed successful. Then an Executive branch of Government that is, by all accounts, doing all it can to Govern. Bottom line.

Something, folks, has got to give. That is WHY I am calling on this President, Barack Obama, to Act. Act on behalf of the We the People because and clearly sir, the Congress, this Congress, won’t.

It is time to ARREST & PROSECUTE the 47 Traitors who signed that Iran Letter — TODAY. It is past time Mr. President for you to Act. Thank you.

— Rhett.

Team Mitch 2014

“Foreign Policy…” By Rhett E. Column; #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress

PADUCAH, Kentucky – This evening I sat down and wrote an albeit open message to my United States Senator and the, “Majority Leader” of the Senate Addison M. ‘Mitch’ McConnell, Jr. about the foot-dragging going on in the United States Congress after having watched an opening of tonight’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” on MSNBC. The title of the opening was, “[And] Congress Notices the World”. It was quite good, and blood boiling at the same time. Because I’ve had it.

I’ve had it up to here with this Congress, and with its, “We are just so damned busy” attitude. Busy? Doing what? Naming U.S. Post Offices and Federal Buildings after famous and or significantly important people. Such would be fine IF there wasn’t anything else far more important for them to be doing.

Folks! The World as we know it is Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition (F.U.B.A.R.) .. Yemen. The Middle East. Al Qaeda. I.S.I.L. – Quite FRANKLY it all adds up, consistently, to the Central Intelligence Agency being the Central Intelligence Agency and Brittan’s MI5 being Brittan’s MI5. But what the hell do I know?

drd mkultra program torture victim, c. 1983

David R. Davidson (Rhett E. Column; #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress) MKUltra Program Torture Victim, c. 1983

To that end I sat down, as I said, and wrote a formal letter of complaint to the not-so-good Senator and said this:

Good evening Senator McConnell,

                                                      Sir, I write this message to you this evening, because with every fiber of my being I am ashamed and deeply, deeply angry and frankly saddened that you are my United States Senator.
More importantly, and as the, “Majority Leader” in the United States Senate I am ashamed and embarrassed. And I don’t want to openly express, to a member of your staff, how I really feel about you sir because IF I did it would involve swear words, and my disdain and embarrassment of you should be limited to as few eyes and ears as possible.
To that end the world as we know it sir is in a state of Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition (FUBAR) condition, and I grow weary sir of the foot-dragging of my so-called Leaders and Leadership in Washington.
You have a first best duty to the Constitution of the United States and to the People of the United States as well as the Commonwealth of Kentucky to represent Us and do What We Say for you to do! Failure, on your part, is not an option. It’s not open for debate, discussion, voire dire of witnesses, hearings, blue ribbon panels or Independent Reviews. You either do or get out!
Of late sir you have been running the United States Senate like an, “Uh we’ll get to as soon as we can” or “We’ll get to it when we have a minute, the fact is we are just so damned busy here right now…” That sir, will not cut it! It will not even pass a smell test MUCH LESS pass muster.
That is why, and recently, as you well know, I signed, openly, or rather added my name openly to a petition on the White House’s “We The People,” website calling for the President of the United States, with the Help of the Department of Justice and the F.B.I. to arrest the 47 United States Senators who penned and signed, openly, a letter to Iranian dissidents.
Not only did you allow such a thing to go on, you yourself signed the letter. So and in a larger sense I am calling for your removal from the Congress via arrest.
To date sir, nearly 330,000 people have added their names to that erstwhile, in my opinion, petition. I am promoting it on my social media networks so as for even more Americans to participate in American Democracy. To Redress Grievance with Government. You’ve pissed me off Senator! You do piss me off! I want and wish for you to be removed from office forthwith because your approach to governance, quite frankly, is not only inconsistent it sucks. It’s piss poor. And there is no goddamn excuse for it.
So you can either get it together or get arrested because and if the President of the United States, Barack H. Obama, II., won’t arrest you I will along with nearly 330,000 other Americans, and anybody else who decides, openly, to join us. Thank you…
As of today 320,000 Americans have added their names. It’s a mandate folks! Bottom line. And the Powers that Be can either Get It Together – Get On Board or We The People will. President Obama you have been warned…
not flash mob lite

This ain’t no ‘Flash Mob’ Mr. Obama…

— Rhett.