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“We Enjoyed You,” Charleston Church Massacre; #HateWontWin…

hands raised at ame church charleston 2015

A prayer service being lead outside ‘Mother Emmanuel’ A.M.E. Church in Charleston, S.C. (photo courtesy of CNN, 2015) ..

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – In just a few hours from now the Community of Charleston and the World will gather to begin to lay to rest, and start walking down the long road of grief and mourning for the loved and lost of ‘Mother Emmanuel A.M.E. Church.’

My thoughts and prayers are with; the families, the Church, the Community of Charleston, and Humanity as we begin to reheal from yet another senseless tragedy.

In the days after Dylann Storm Roof was arrested, and formally charged with the murders of those nine souls I thought about the words of Ms. Felicia Sanders, Mother of 26 y/o Tywanza Sanders, who so eloquently summed up the message of LOVE and not HATE towards Dylann Roof,

“…But as we say in Bible study, we enjoyed you. But may God have mercy on you.”

I thought about those words, long and hard, a whole lot of late. Thought about those nine precious and beautiful people who were studying the Word of God, praying, and seeking God’s face in one moment, and looking upon His face in the very next. Can you imagine?

I thought to about a song called, “What a Day that will be” By Jim Hill it was a song that he wrote and sung for his terminally ill mother-in-law some years ago. She was the very first person that he ever sung the now world-renowned song to and it goes something like this,

(1) There is coming a day When no heartache shall come No more clouds in the sky No more tears to dim the eye All is peace forever more On that happy golden shore What a day, glorious day that will be.

Chorus: What a day that will be
When my Jesus I shall see
And I look upon His face
The One who saved my by His grace
When He takes me by the hand
And leads me through the Promised Land
What a day, glorious day that will be
(2) There’ll be no sorrow there No more burdens to bear
No more sickness, no pain No more parting over there And forever I will be With the One who died for me What a day, glorious day that will be.
Chorus: What a day that will be
When my Jesus I shall see
And I look upon His face
The One who saved my by His grace
When He takes me by the hand
And leads me through the Promised Land
What a day, glorious day that will be…”
And in particular the chorus with the words, in part, “What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see. And I look upon His face, the One who saved me by His Grace. When he takes me by the hand. And leads me through the Promised Land, what a day, GLORIOUS day that will be…”
In reflection and memorial I can only IMAGINE, “We enjoyed you.. But My Jesus I am going to see. So that I can look upon the face of the One who save me by His Grace. I’ve been looking forward to this day, never knew it would come upon me in this way. Take me by my hand Lord, and lead me through your Promised Land. Oh what a day! Glorious day this will be…”
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— Rhett.
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“An open plea for Mr. Glenn Ford, Gov. Bobby Jindal pay Mr. Ford what you owe him!” By Rhett E. Column; #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress

missing ford 2014

Mr. Glenn Ford (photo courtesy of The Glenn Ford Family, 2014) …

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – Twenty six years ago a man named Glenn Ford, 67, of New Orleans, a Laborer by trade, was convicted of the 1982 murder of long-time Shreveport Jeweler and Watchmaker Isadore Rozeman, 56, a man Ford did yard work for, for years.

Glenn Ford was put on death row at the Louisiana State Prison in Angola, Louisiana in 1988, and for twenty-six years he sat, waiting for his date with death, but, and thanks to the good folks at The Capital Post Conviction Project of Louisiana, who worked tirelessly to get Mr. Ford’s conviction vacated by a judge because of the suppression of key evidence; eye-witness testimony, and police reports in his original 1983 trial, Glenn Ford walked through the main gates at Angola prison, a free man, on 11 March 2014 according to this shared report from The Associated Press at the time..

Asked as he walked away from the prison gates about his release, Ford told WAFB-TV, “It feels good; my mind is going in all kind of directions. It feels good.”

Ford told the broadcast outlet he does harbor some resentment at being wrongly jailed: “Yeah, cause, I’ve been locked up almost 30 years for something I didn’t do.”

“I can’t go back and do anything I should have been doing when I was 35, 38, 40 stuff like that,” he added.

State District Judge Ramona Emanuel on Monday took the step of voiding Ford’s conviction and sentence based on new information that corroborated his claim that he was not present or involved in Rozeman’s death, Ford’s attorneys said. Ford was tried and convicted of first-degree murder in 1984 and sentenced to death.

“We are very pleased to see Glenn Ford finally exonerated, and we are particularly grateful that the prosecution and the court moved ahead so decisively to set Mr. Ford free,” said a statement from Gary Clements and Aaron Novod, the attorneys for Ford from the Capital Post Conviction Project of Louisiana.

They said Ford’s trial had been “profoundly compromised by inexperienced council and by the unconstitutional suppression of evidence, including information from an informant.” They also cited what they said was a suppressed police report related to the time of the crime and evidence involving the murder weapon.

But Ford is not out of the woods just yet. These days he finds himself at home with family, friends and supporters by his bed side helping him to fight to overturn death’s ultimate sentence, cancer – Stage 4 Lung Cancer. And having to fight the Louisiana Department of Correction (L-D.O.C.) and the State of Louisiana for $330,000.00, compensation for this wrongful incarceration, but both the State and Local Court Systems, as well as L-D.O.C. are fighting back in court, stating that he is not eligible for this money because of two ‘outstanding crimes’ which he did not serve prison sentences for. – Despite just finishing giving nearly thirty years of his own life for a crime that he didn’t even commit. Can you imagine?

Of course Mr. Ford’s attorneys with the Capital Post Conviction Project are fighting this decision on appeal, but such a legal defense costs money, and so to does the 24/7 hospice and home care that Mr. Ford has been on for the cancer that he has been battling since 2011. And when you add-on the fact that Mr. Ford doesn’t have health insurance it makes for a tough slog.

Thankfully though, a legal and medical aid fund has been set up for Mr. Ford on, oddly enough, for the $330,000.00 he is due from the State of Louisiana’s Department of Corrections. – Here’s hoping he gets that, plus what he’s due!

What stands in contrast though is the fact that Mr. Ford, like it or not Louisiana, has served his time, he has paid his debit to society, with his life in all fairness because he contracted lung cancer while being incarcerated with the daily ingestion of asbestos for twenty-six years, which Angola is famous for, as the oldest prison in the State and the Nation – an it has gone untreated since G.O.P. controlled Louisiana State Legislatures and Governorship’s have been in charge.

Ford was informally diagnosed with cancer in 2011, while still in Angola prison, by a prison nurse, and was never treated. Slowly, over time, the cancer spread throughout his body, but mainly amassed itself in his lungs, now, having been more formally diagnosed since his release, Mr. Ford finds himself in Stage Four, and on 24/7 hospice and home care. And having no health insurance, because in the State of Louisiana Convicted Felons, regardless of whether or not their conviction has been overturned or vacated cannot get health insurance because the State has no expungement law(s) on the books, instead they just rely, entirely, on the judiciary to settle the matter.

Glenn Ford’s record should be entirely expunged and sealed forever, and the Louisiana Department of Corrections or L-D.O.C. should pay Glenn Ford what they owe him immediately, and Governor Bobby Jindal should insure it. And I’m hoping that you will join with me in petitioning the Governor to do exactly that before Mr. Ford’s illness passes the sentence of death on him for yet another crime that he did not commit.

inmate13n-1-web1 (2)

Thank you for your support and interests in this story, please, kindly, share this unbelievable story and help me to do all you can to see that Mr. Ford and his Family receive justice.

— Rhett.

de blasio sworn in

Morning Joe to Mayor de Blasio: There’s only so much Scandal we can handle!

NEW YORK, New York – Just finished watching the opening salvo for today’s edition of “Morning Joe,” on MSNBC talking about the fracas between His Honor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo. Morning Joe brought up today’s edition of the New York Times which highlights a recent interview the Mayor gave for N.Y.C.’s public access channel accusing Gov. Cuomo of ‘hurting New York City’ in order to take ‘revenge’ against him somehow.

The interview that the Mayor gave coupled with the New York Times more formal expose on the cruel and unusual punishment type relationship that these two iron clad Democrats have with each other just speaks to the reality of things on the ground across the Empire State.

And while President Obama and the Main Stream Media continue to highlight the ‘good week’ he’s had from the East Room at The White House, according to this ABC News Online report, that just might pale in comparison to the less than stellar week Gov. Cuomo has had from Dannemora (the Clinton Correctional Facility) to N.Y.C. and back again.

Officiant duties at Stonewall Inn aside, Gov. Cuomo has had a pretty bad week. But to hear it told, and to have it said he’s the guy who has the keys to the kingdom. As if he’s both judge and jury over all things New York City – according to Morning Joe, in so many words, Bill de Blasio better not hack off the ‘Love is Love Gov’ anymore than he already has.

But de Blasio is staunch, resolute in his highlighting of all the facts when it comes to all things love hate.

Willing to expend and expunge whatever political capital, so-called, that he may or may not have. – Because it’s about principles over politics with this man. – And according to the Morning Joe crew this is somehow risky at best, and political suicide at worst. What with the ‘Good Luck Chuck’ statement that Governor Cuomo’s office handed out before the Mayor takes off for a couple weeks of Summer Va-Kay with the family.

“For those new to the process, it takes coalition building and compromise to get things done in government. We wish the Mayor well on his vacation.”

Here’s the thing: I make no bones about my love and respect for His Honor Bill de Blasio. I also make no bones about my dislike of Governor Andrew Cuomo. He is, to me, a question mark at best, and problematic at worst. (Politically speaking of course.)

But I am rubbed even more wrong with the perennial all-stars for Morning Joe encouraging Mayor de Blasio to check his manhood at the door when it comes to questioning the cut of Andrew Cuomo’s jib. The fact that he misuses his opportunity to publicly serve the People of New York State. That much like his neighbor to the Southwest in New Jersey, Chris Christie, he to is a political bully.

bully wag 2015

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gets in the face of a young mother and teacher at a campaign stop for re-election, as Governor, in 2012…

But there’s only so much scandal that Morning Joe can handle, Albany may not give us any salt for winter. Medicaid applications may suddenly get back logged IF de Blasio, according to Morning Joe, keeps this political ‘V for Vendetta’ up.

Allow me to remind, just as Joe Scarborough reminded the viewers on Monday of President Obama’s change of heart, politically – according to him, on gay marriage, the Morning Joe faithful of the veritable love fest Joe Scarborough and Company did have with de Blasio while he was running for Mayor of New York City in 2012.

Yet and still though Morning Joe would have us forget all about the usual “liberal” enmeshing, fast forward to 2015, and realize somehow that this, this political set to is bad for business, bad for their fellow New Yorker’s, and it would be far better for all IF Bill de Blasio would just go on vacation, calm down, regroup, and have a ‘pow-wow’ with Gov. Cuomo soon. ‘Work this thing out privately.’

cuomo a-okay

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes a point during a meeting on tax cut proposals in the Red Room at the Capitol on Monday, Jan. 6, 2014, in Albany, N.Y. Cuomo has proposed cutting the state’s corporate income tax from 7.1 percent to 6.5 percent and eliminating it altogether for upstate manufacturers. He also has proposed paying more state aid as an incentive to any of New York’s 10,500 local governments that impose hard 2 percent spending caps and cut their costs by consolidating services with other towns, villages, cities and counties. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

I say Mayor de Blasio. Your Honor. Stick sir, to your guns. Continue to hold the Governor accountable. Because both he and the State House in Albany is bad. Really bad. They have, apparently, forgotten all about what it truly means to be a public servant, “you are a SERVANT to the public,” as former President Harry S. Truman once said.

— Rhett E. Column

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Welcome to the Age of Austerity!

Austerity is the policy of reducing government budget deficits through the privatization of public services.   

Middle America and the World, as we know it, has entered the Age of Austerity. Welcome!

And as places like MichiganWisconsinand even Greece plunge headlong into this world has anyone even noticed that it is the people and not government that is being harmed?

In Michigan, for instance, whole communities water supplies are being handed over to pollutant-based companies to run, according to this report from

One city neglected to inform its residents that its water supply was laced with cancerous chemicals.

And when Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder or Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker say that they want to “reinvent,” their respective states, “Believe them” as the late great Dr. Maya Angelou would say.

a web site banner

Banner from the Office of the Governor for Michigan (photo courtesy of the Office of Governor for Michigan, 2015)

In places like Greece and the U.K. people are dying because, “men” like David Cameron and Alexis Tsipras continue to genuflect and keep devoid of the goings on in their respective countries and, as banks in Greece close for six days, possibly longer, according to this report from CNN Money one has to wonder how long it will be before the people start to do more than just march in the streets.

Grecian's march near Parliament in Athens against Austerity (picture courtesy of Wikipedia, 2011) ..

Grecian’s march near Parliament in Athens against Austerity (picture courtesy of Wikipedia, 2011) ..

How long will it be before folks like Rick Snyder or Scott Walker meet their maker at the hands of an angry mob, lets say?

not flash mob lite

This ain’t no ‘Flash Mob’ Mr. Obama…

People. Everywhere and anywhere have had enough! They expect far more, far better from their respective governments. Something that is truly reflexive of, “Of. By. And for the People [of the United States].” As Lincoln said.

The idea that the term “freedom or death,” means far more than just a national motto. The idea that, “it’s not either or. It’s both and.” There’s strength to be had in those living statements, testaments really, to modern history. Monuments which have withstood the test of time and the slings and arrows of foolish men.

"Angry," Americans or Concerned Citizens?

“Angry,” Americans or Concerned Citizens?

And the people know this, and are starting to realize this. Live this out in their daily lives.

Men and governments can be fickle towards an expressive people, but they do so at their own peril.

Welcome to the Age of Austerity, despite it’s indifference.

— Rhett E. Column

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Richard Matt and David Sweat, Escapees from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora Township, NY. (photos courtesy of The New York State Police, 2015)

Empire State Government Did the Taxpayers No Favors! #RichardMatt, #DavidSweat

Is it me OR is Governor Andrew Cuomo​ is the biggest question mark to come down the political pipe? He couldn’t bail his late father Mario Cuomo​’s bath water. Yet and still this jack wagon wants to be somebody named Hillary Clinton​’s Vice President?

After all this happy horse crap to do with Richard Matt and David Sweat, the two Clinton Correctional Facility​ escapees who were missing for nearly thirty days BECAUSE the New York Department of Corrections, nor the Warden of that Prison, had the grapefruits to admit it was a MISTAKE to put two cold-blooded killers on the “honor roll,” at C.C.F. just so they can look good in the “prison reform,” department.

Yet they’ll spend thirty days and billions of tax payer dollars to hunt down these two guys just to SAVE FACE. Screw the Government of the Empire State and the horse it rode in on. Don’t do us no favors folks! Free Mumia Abu Jamal​ and Give Get Cariol Horne her pension page​ IMMEDIATELY! Then we’ll talk about how great and wonderful government in the State of New York is. Okay?


— Rhett E. Column

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Quotes by Famous People, Mr. Will Rogers

Saving face, the Debauchery that went on at the Clinton Correctional Facility; #RichardMatt, #DavidSweat

Richard Matt and David Sweat, Escapees from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora Township, NY. (photos courtesy of The New York State Police, 2015)

Richard Matt and David Sweat, Escapees from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora Township, NY. (photos courtesy of The New York State Police, 2015)

DANNEMORA, New York – It’s been twenty-two days since Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility. And it would appear that at least one of the two has been shot and killed by a group of police officers in a cabin near Malone, NY. according to this report, late yesterday, from The New York Times.

And with Mr. Sweat still at large time, it appears, is on the side of authorities.

Here’s the thing. Twenty-two days ago America, much less upstate New York knew little of Richard Matt and David Sweat except to say they were, are, two cold-blooded killers who escaped from a, “maximum security facility in upstate New York”.

Further, America, much less upstate New York knew nothing of the facts surrounding what got this escape-real-life-soap-opera started in the first place. A prison social worker, a guard, and two inmates desperate to just get out would weave a tale of lies, deceit, and deception not seen in decades. All aided and abetted by a Warden, a State Penal System, and a once great State’s own Governor.

cuomo a-okay

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes a point during a meeting on tax cut proposals in the Red Room at the Capitol on Monday, Jan. 6, 2014, in Albany, N.Y. Cuomo has proposed cutting the state’s corporate income tax from 7.1 percent to 6.5 percent and eliminating it altogether for upstate manufacturers. He also has proposed paying more state aid as an incentive to any of New York’s 10,500 local governments that impose hard 2 percent spending caps and cut their costs by consolidating services with other towns, villages, cities and counties. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo is the 56th and current Governor of the State of New York.

He is the son of political icon and personal hero of this blogger at least, Mario M. Cuomo, and brother to famed CNN ‘New Day’ Anchor Chris Cuomo.

Andrew Matthew Cuomo ran on a Sun, Moon, and the Stars will align and shine bright once again over New York State if I am elected in 2010.

Assuming office in January of 2011 he has been serving in that capacity since.

One of the things he promised in his sun, moon and stars platform for Governor was, “prison reform”. To his credit, stopping what his father did so many years ago in the Empire State by adding prisons, and prison beds throughout the State – a fatal flaw to be sure. Hey! Nobody’s perfect, right?

But the point is, is that Cuomo opened the doors to out-and-out cold-blooded killers with weekend passes, and jaunts to the local meat market, just down the street from the Clinton Correctional facility in places like Dannemora. (At least to the white ones anyways.)

That’s right, Richard Matt and David Sweat got weekend passes, and ventured outside the prison walls to places like the local ice cream shoppe and the butcher down the street from the prison! So you can say, rightly, that they took advantage of Andrew Cuomo’s, “prison reform.”

So to did they take advantage of their social worker, and one of the main-stay guards in the shop at the prison. What they couldn’t get from the loved-starved social worker they got from the good ole boy guard over the carpentry shop at Clinton Correctional Facility. (As of today the social worker is in jail awaiting trial, and the good ole boy guard just got arrested the other day. White to, by the way!)

Mr. Glenn Ford, Louisiana's once longest serving death row inmate, until his release in 2014, for the crime of murder, in the first degree, which he did not commit.

Mr. Glenn Ford, Louisiana’s once longest-serving death row inmate, until his release in 2014, for the crime of murder, in the first degree, which he did not commit.

I would just like to say that I am all for prison reform – across the board; broadly, fairly, and equal prison reform for all though. Especially in the care and concern of good folks like Mr. Glenn Ford of New Orleans and the Angola 3 as PERFECT examples of the need for prison reform, especially for these four men. With two of the Angola 3 long dead now, and Mr. Ford dying of asbestos based lung cancer from nearly thirty years in solitary confinement.

[None of these men, all African-Americans, ever committed any of the crimes to which they had been accused of and wrongfully imprisoned for. None!]

But Richard Matt and David Sweat, twice over, proven killers. White. Got the run of the place. Where as good folks like the Angola 3, and Mr. Glenn Ford weren’t just thrown under the footers of the infamous Angola prison, they were thrown there, and left to die, all, for crimes that they DID NOT COMMIT.

Someone complained to me, not long ago, that I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to this story, that I am out over my skis in the case of Escape at Clinton Correctional Facility when it comes to even discussing the issue. Well. As someone who knows first hand what it’s like to go to prison for a crime that you didn’t even commit. And to be treated, handled as I was for something that I did not do I beg to differ. I am an expert in my field.

But that’s okay BECAUSE My God is Good! All the Time. He sustained me, and set me free! Cleared my name, and has renewed and restored me a 1,000 fold. And for that I am eternally grateful.

But what’s funny is when I was in, when folks like Glenn Ford and the Angola 3 were in there was no such thing as prison reform, second chance opportunities, etc. It was you are a convict, and you’ll be treated as such. Set down, shut up, and like it OR else.

Now though. If you’re white, privileged or the like, murder someone in cold blood, you will be treated like a King in prison, especially at a cupcake place like Dannemora. But if you’re black, poor, and disadvantaged you’ll be lucky to survive much less thrive in a prison like the one at Dannemora.

It is often said that government is as only as good as the people who elect it, and that once in power government can only do so much. I say it is in the kinds of people that we are forced to elect.

For to long we have had only two major political parties across this country to choose from on Election Day.

We are told, as Voters, that this is all that there is, pick one, vote, shut up, and go away. Told, somehow, that this is all that you have to choose from. Your only options. Political alternatives won’t work in this country. After all this is the United States of America so… Unite behind somebody America! Shut up, and we’ll call you if there’s a war or some other major catastrophic event.

With all due respect I call bullshit! And here’s why.

For to long now Washington, D.C. and the major State Capitols across this Land have become breeding grounds for; debauchery, skulduggery, antipathy, complacency, and selective outrage – among many other things.

Truth Meme from Facebook, 2015...

Truth Meme from Facebook, 2015…

All the while, wondering aloud, why when a handful of us rise up in one accord and expose them for the rat bastards that they are.

And have the nerve to come back to us every four to six years and with hat and hand, one good eye and a straight face ask us to send them back to Washington and State Capitol buildings across the land to profit off the deaths of millions at the expense of a few.

Telling us, in so many words, “Republicans are against everything that the Democrats want to do, and Democrats are against everything that Republicans want to do. So what else can we do? But send me back to government because I’m a working for you America!”

It is one big giant circle jerk folks! A veritable firing squad and We the People are caught in its center. Taking the brunt, and being the butt of their moral equivalency.

You know I’ve never known one member of either a third political party, an Independent or Decline to Say to have any of the problems that folks with D’s or R’s behind their names do. Not one.

Yet. We are told that Republicans and Democrats are the only ones that can get anything done. Why then were Richard Matt and David Sweat allowed to escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility under Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s control?

holloman-horne photo

Former Buffalo, New York Police Officer Cariol Holloman-Horne speaking about her termination and her fight with N.Y.S.L.R.S…

Why hasn’t Cariol Holloman-Horne, a former Buffalo, NY. Police Officer with an impeccable record of service, been given her pension, yet, under Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo?

Holloman-Horne did nothing wrong! She was simply trying to keep a fellow officer from wrongfully assaulting – to death, nearly – someone who he had placed under arrest.

And yet Cariol Holloman-Horne has been subjugated and relegated to the corner per Governor Cuomo’s request, as has her family. Being treated as second class citizens simply for asking and seeking justice on Mrs. Holloman-Horne’s behalf. Why? Answer: Because she is African-American. And because when white people run the World as they do there is nothing more than chaos, confusion and debauchery.

Quotes by Famous People, Chief Pontiac ...

Quotes by Famous People, Chief Pontiac …

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo, Democrat – New York ,who campaigned in poetry and hasn’t even managed to govern in prose has made the Empire State a laughing-stock. So to have the State’s Department of Corrections.

Twenty-two days ago two twice proven cold-blooded killers escaped their prison cells, and for twenty-two days the State of New York, led by its Governor, has been doing all that it can to SAVE FACE. To omit history and the truth that ‘mistakes were made’. Ducking and dodging accountability, transparency and more.

They have praised the Lord and passed the ammunition that they got one, now there’s number two to get.

Question: Is it more important to examine every case as they come into your facilities, to rate the severity of the crime(s) that have been committed, and determine how each human being should be treated? Or is it more important to get (re)elected every four to six years?

Prison reform you say? When the State of New York, the whole of New York City’s Police Department is the laughing-stock of the City and the World. Reform your people and reform yourselves before you venture down the rabbit hole of feeling good because we did something.

— Rhett E. Column

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Leading Journals Agree That Big Pharma Manipulates Medical Research

Rhett E. Column, #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress:

Good morning! A great F.Y.I. on the pharmaceutical and medical communities. The TRUE untrue FACTS about both. Hash tag: Just Sayin’…

#SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress Approved!

— Rhett.

Originally posted on Random Candidate:

Corruption in the medical industry can no longer be ignored. There’s no doubt that much of what is told to the masses, including medical schools and physicians, is simply untrue. Even Dr. Richard Horton, editor of the world’s most respected medical journal, The Lancet, agrees:

“Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”

Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and longtime Editor-in-Chief of the New England Medical Journal which is also one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the world, shares a similar opinion:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative…

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A Hand for Equality [for All]!

Dear #SCOTUS, Thanks for the Equality Decision, BUT when my Government, my President OR You Sanction [Our] Death We the People Can’t Very Well Enjoy the Equality…


I just wanted to write and say thank you for the equality decision today, but when my Government, my President or You sanction our deaths We the People can’t very well enjoy that whole equality thing.

The Drone Handler, and his Bird of Prey (photo courtesy of The Kent State Truth Tribunal Facebook Page, 2015) ..

The Drone Handler, and his Bird of Prey (photo courtesy of The Kent State Truth Tribunal Facebook Page, 2015) ..

When and if you all want to decide to STOP KILLING US with your guns, bombs, drones and the like that whole equality thing will pay dividends, but you should know when you sanction; Spying, Lying, Coercion, and the Like. Equality for All, per the 14th Amendment [to the U.S. Constitution], won’t last.

If America and Americans are really and truly to be free and equal under the eyes of the Law and God Himself then it needs to be equal across the board.

Stop the killing, stealing, and destroying of We the People!

Thank you for the opportunity to share.


Rhett E. Column

Paducah, KY. U.S.A.

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barry, the flag and the constitution

Mr. Obama, “You’re House” BELONGS to We the People Not Just You Alone

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During an event at The White House yesterday honoring the LGBTQ Community [for Pride Month] the President got heckled. Watch!

It should be noted that he gets that a lot.

Here’s the thing though. Of late. He’s gotten uppity about the whole business of simple civil discourse. Respectfully.

 “No, no, no, no, no. Hey, listen, you’re in my house. Shame on you.”

With all due and proper respect sir the ‘House’ you’re in belongs to the American people, not just you sir. And you are there by twice elected privilege sir. And while it may not have been right for the heckler, hecklers to have interrupted you as they have over the years, the House you are in, the Office to which you Occupy STILL belongs to the People. – Last time I checked anyways.

And if you don’t want or need public engagement sir you need to close ranks and confine yourself to quarters until your time in the House is through.

Thank you!

— Rhett.

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This is very interesting. It’s telling us to sit down and shut up and obey the authorities. I’d like to ‘transition peacefully and safely’ but I’m not sure I’ll recognize the bad guys. Or the authorities.

Rhett E. Column, #SayWhatNews, #AXJ, #FreePress:

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— Rhett.

Originally posted on Random Candidate:

Imminent Mass Arrests Of Globalists, Bankers And Political Elite

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Tsarnaev stands before Judge George A. O'Toole, Jr. in U.S. District Court to be formally sentenced to die by lethal injection for his role in the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings (picture courtesy of The Herald Press, 2015) ...

To the Ass Hat Judge who presided over the Tsarnaev [Sentencing] Trial

BOSTON, Massachusetts – Yesterday afternoon 2013 Boston Marathon Bomber(s) Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to die by lethal injection – no doubt as soon as the Appeals process be exhausted by his court appointed attorney’s. And as he was sentenced, appointed, U.S. District Court Judge George A. O’Toole, Jr. said this to Tsarnaev,

“No one will remember your teachers were fond of you. What will be remembered is that you murdered and maimed innocent people.”

A judge, an appointed U.S. District Court Judge, who’s one and only duty is to INSURE a fair, speedy, and open trial in a court of law. A court of law, by the way, that belongs, solely, to We the People of the United States of America. A judge found it necessary to go beyond his scope, beyond his fiduciary duty, and interject, as though; the victims, the dead, the dying, and Mr. Tsarnaev himself, asked him to.

What an ass!

Dude. Ain’t nobody asked jack shit from you except for you to insure a trial with a JUDGE and JURY of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s peers. Bottom line.

Yet and still you found the need to interdict. The nerve!

The Tsarnaev Brothers...

The Tsarnaev Brothers…

There can be little doubt that The Tsarnaev Brothers did the deed. They lit the fuses, set the timers, and turned tail and ran on that Spring 2013 day, and in the two years since we have come a long way.

But to have a judge lecture the accused, the way in which this judge did, in open court, unsolicited, after a decision had already been rendered that the World knew would be guilty as charged, and eventually the penalty of death, is for crap folks!

Judges, it is clear, have forgotten there first, best duty, and that is to insure a fair and speedy trail that is to be replete with cross-examination, examination of all the evidence and facts with either a verdict of guilt or innocence there after. Why Judge O’Toole? Why?

History will record sir that you choose to interject yourself unnecessarily, and that you went beyond your scope, unnecessarily, and for no good reason other than you wanted to get your name in the papers.

Well. You got your wish. Happy?

— Rhett.