Showbiz Democrats Rally to Keep Party’s Grip on Senate in Midterm Elections

FRANKFORT, KY. — All the stops have been pulled out! The political, social and ecumenical market has been cornered in the Bluegrass State as, yet again, Democrats, Republicans and the Elites in Hollywood come out in force for the Establishment … #SayWhatNews #AXJNews



One of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s online attack ads against Democratic opponent Alison Grimes featured her picture lined up next to President Obama, Woody Allen and Barbra Streisand.

Get it? Unpopular president + scandalized filmmaker + Hollywood liberal elite.

Such guilt-by-association tactics are typical for Republican campaigns aiming to take advantage of Hollywood support for Democratic opponents. But this year it also underscores showbiz interest in a race that is one of the few opportunities for a Democratic gain in the Senate in a landscape where the party is otherwise playing defense. Fundraisers are trying to instill a sense of urgency among donors on the very real prospect of Democrats losing the Senate majority, and to contribute even if that means setting aside significant policy differences.

“It is enormously challenging,” says producer-manager Keith Addis of the fundraising environment. “But there is a growing level of interest among Democratic players…

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